Blog Post 1 – Why I want to learn english / King

I want to learn more english so I can communicate with
others when I go abroad and at work. Maybe I get a mail
in english at work from a person. Then I have to
understand and answer in english.
Also when I am watching movies and playing video
games. When someone writes in english I want to
understand what they write. If somebody is stopping me
in the city and ask me something, for example where is
the castle? Then I would like to answer in english and
tell them where to go and maybe something else to see.
To understand difficult words, text in books would be fun
and be able to understand more lyrics in english songs.
This summer I will go to the island Kos in Greece with
my friend Juan. We will stay there for three weeks. It will
be amazing! We have lots of plans for our vacation. For
example, to rent water scoter and to snorkel. Then you
have to talk with them and tell them want we want to do.
Also when we check-in the first day and maybe we are
thirsty and want to buy a water or a beer.
When I leave school I will continue to learn english. I
know that there are different programs and apps so that
you can train to be better in talking and writing english.
Maybe I meet someone on my vacation so that we can
Why I want to learn english
write letters to each other. That would be a good

Blog post 1 – Why do I want to learn english? / Elizabet

I am Elizabet and I want to tell you about why I want to leran english.
When I was studying in my cauntry at seventh grade,we had english lesson for the first time.
Our teacher was a female and she was very string.
We would only speak english.
I coulden’t either talk or understand it.
I had begun to hate the lesson, it was very dificult for me.
I did not like to go to her lesson.
I learned little it and after the eighth grade, I was married 😏.
Eventtually I become with children I have four children and I am happy.
I whished always to leran english but I did not situation to do it.
Several times I asked my ex husband to start study english but he did not allow.
Now I want to learn english.
I want to understand, talk, write and read fluently English.
When I travel to an other countries speak to peaple and enjoj it.
I want to understand english movies.
I have a gole to learn english and I do my best to succeed it with help of my teacher. 😊

Blog Post 1 – The reason why I wanted learn English / Elena

Hi my name is Axin and I’m 20 years old.

I live in a suburb outside of Stockholm

I started this English course in August 2016

The main reason why is because I want increase my grades so later I canapply for something higher but also I want to get better at speak and write in English

I have always loved English. I read English books and novels every day and I watch English TV shows. I try to speak English as much as I can with my sister or my niece also I want to get rid of my Swenglish accent because it’s driving me crazy so later when I travel to The UK or The US my great Swenglish accent is gone.

A lot of my family members can’t speak English so it can be a little difficult to be able to English but I try to do my very best. I have always wanted to travel either The UK or The US mostly The UK. I love their different cultures, their history and their beautiful landscapes and lastly their accents.

Blog post 1 – Why I want to learn English / Edward

I want to learn english because I want go to England and speak english with people. I want by clothes on the Oxford Street in the clothes shops. I want greeting english church and seede them. I want go to the cinema and see god movie. I want see an old kastell inside and outside also. If I sitt into the bio god if I speak english and understand what talk about into the Movie.


Blog post 1- Why I want to learn English/ David

Blog post 1!
My father want me to learn English.
So I can talk and understand people i meet, when I am
I like to learn English because my favourite soccer team
is Arsenal.
Sometimes I am watching Youtube in my computer
about sports and the commentators speak English and I
like to understand the commentators.

Blog post 2-What are good ways for me to learn English?/ David

Blog post 2- What are good ways for me to learn
I watch YouTube about English soccer for example:
Premier League, Championship and Champions
League. That is a good way for me to learn English.
I am going to school twice a week to study English and i
enjoy it a lot.

Blog post 1-Why I want to learn English/ Petronella

I want to learn English because it is a good language, to be able to use
it when I’m abroad.
When i meet tourists in Stockholm I want to be able
to speak and understand them.
I want to learn English because I like watching movies without subtitles.
It’s good to be able understand and read English for to be able read
Good to be able to speak at my work., and to understand English
To be able get new friends everywhere in world.
To understand people around the world.
To be able to work abroad.
To be able to order in a restaurant abroad.

To be able to read books in English.
English is one of the largest languages in the world.

Blog post 2- What are good ways for me to learn English?/ Petronella

Blog post 2- What are good ways for me to learn English
To go to school in order to learn more English
To watch movies without text or with English text.
To translate English music when I listen to music.
To go on holiday and be forced to speak English.
To listen to English music.


Blog post 2- What are good ways for me to learn English? Gustav

Blog post 2- What are good ways for me to learn English?

I watch many English movies and series because i want a larger vocabulary.
I like to read english dictionaries to learn new Words. I like to listen to music and learn new lyrics and understand phrases.

I learn english at school.


Blog post 1- Why I want to learn English? Gustav

Blog post 1

Why I want to learn English?

Because i want to get better in English and be fluent. I can travel abroad for example to London. I can use the English phrases. Because i want to talk to people. So i can go to a restaurant and order food.