How is it different to study as an adult? / Petronella

I have studied English when I where teenager.
I learn more now when I am adult. And you can learn English in so many good ways.
I have chosen myself that I want to learn English now when I am adult.
In high School we had homework.
At lärvux we are learning in various way as I think is great, you can go into Youtube and so on.

Is learning English at Lärvux as an adult different from learning as a teenager?/ David

Is learning English at Lärvux as an adult different from
learning English as a teenager?
When I was a kid, I went to primary school and we had
English lessons. It was fun to learning English. I wrote
with a pencil in primary school, now i never use pencils
anymore, so i use computer to write.


Is learning English at Larvux as an adult different from learning as a teenager?/ Gustav

In the compulsory school we learned about colors and
names of animals we talked about which day it is and
what’s for lunch today. we had English one day a week.
Now as an adult I like to learn more English. How is it
then different to learn English as an adult for me?
You can go to courses that you choose yourself. I think it
that’s funny. I choose English myself, because i want to
be able use English. Because of that it’s fun to be an
adult student. The difference is today I get homeworks every week and
I really like that.
I am adult now and I know how to use the English
language. I can the follow a recipe.

What I really want to learn / Sailor Moon

What I really want to learn!
I really want learn more English because i will understand that language more.
I want to learn how to understand English better and how to spell and understand more English. I want to learn how opinions are expressed and How words are pronounced more. I want to understand how to spell words better.
When I watch English films, I want to understand what they say in English and be able to understand what they say in the English films.
I like English and want to keep working in English at school with my teacher. English feels important to me and I want to continue to work and teach me English at school as much as possible.

That’s all I have to say.
I use English in sweden when I greeting to people in the bus or in the street. I like to use English when I say hello or talk to people in Stockholm. I want to understand English when I am reading English books or playing English games. Sometimes I’m watching English programs on web tv on internet or youtube. I want also understand English when i travel in
different countries.
Some people I meet people in church or streets they can’t speak Swedish so those people I talk English to. Sometimes I talk English in web chat. Some people in different chat rooms can’t speak Swedish so I talk English to them.

I like English very much and love that
language. I hope to use English more.

Blog post 3 – What is the difference between learning english at Lärvux and other schools I have attended? / Elizabet

I want to tell you what the differenc between learing english at Lärvux and other schools.
I have attended at Öså Gymnasium and studied english .
There were many pupils in the classroom and different teachers
It was good but dificult for me .
I passed the C course and the National tests.
Since I have attended a privite conversation course at
The ABF House in Sveavägen.
It was twelve times lessons and it was expensive and I did not used of it.
Now I study at Lärvux the same grade.
It is slowly and I understand beter.
I be come to learn english much more than other schools.

Blog post 2 – In what ways do I prefer to learn english? / Elizabet

Hi! I am thinking abuat what ways are the best for me to learn english.

I would like to writing words and hear the right accents on these words.
It is difficult for me to understand when I listen to english.
I would like to talk english and understand others peaple when they talk whit me.

I want to practise all I need to learn  in english.

If I get the chance to talk english it will be easier for me to grasp.
I want to exercise all these ways to learn english.
I want to write, read, talk and listen to english.
IT will be very good.

Blog post 1 – Why do I want to learn English? / Leoni

I want to learn english because that is a global language, when I travel in the world so i need talk with people and they can understand what i talk about.

When you meet a person some don’t speak swedish you most talk english therefore i want to learn english. And there is a saying some is one language one people, two language two people etc. You head english every time eg. movie, music, social media, newspaper and you want understand what it they said, written about.

Also I need learn english because I want to study to Higher studies eg. University.

They talk english everywhere because when people from around the world.

when I want talk with them I most talk english. Your course literature is at english etc.

Blog post 2 – In what ways do I prefer to learn english? / King

I would like to learn english by talking a lot to the people
at my work, both the ones I am working with but also to
the elderly people if the don´t speak swedish. To talk
with my parents, my cousins, my friends and loved
And on a journey, talk to people if I am going out for
excursions and when I order food at restaurants. When I
check-in at a hotel and I ask about something, for
example where is the breakfast served and when.
Or if you ever move somewhere else in the world, you
have to talk to the people. It maybebe that you have
your own business then you have to talk to the
customers about something or if you want to talk to
people in town. So – I think that the best way for me to
learn english is to talk a lot. That is the best training for
Listen more on audio books and songs in english and
when people talk on debate is also a great way to learn
english. Write more to my friends and to my brother, my
mom, aunt and to my uncle. And if you ever write to
someone you met abroad. Maybe write a story, maybe a
book in the future – who knows!

Blog post 2 – In what ways do I prefer to learn english? / Elena

I prefer reading and talking in English because I like it more but  I know it’s good to write also because you will learn better But I don’t enjoy it like I enjoy reading and talking in English. Writing is something I want learn to love but for now I just dislike it and writing in English is something you will at some point in your life. Maybe you will have a boss who can’t speak Swedish or write directions for tourists. By watching movies or tv-shows you learn new words or sentences. Usually I use Swedish subtitles but it’s rarely I use English subtitles which I should use it more because you will learn more and you will hear how it’s pronounced and how it’s spelled and if you find any words that you don’t know the translation you can look it up. I often understand what they say but sometimes it’s really hard especially when they use very old English language but I really like it. And  talking in English I really like to speaking in English. And if you stay or move to an English speaking country you have no other choice and speak English and you can use Google Translate for móre help. But if you want to make things harder for yourself you don’t use it.I know i will not use it as much only when I really need it

My Enliglish studies at Lärvux-

I finally got a grade in English 5 after 4 years of studies. It was a long way to go. I decided to study English 5 during my English 4 course in 2015 in Lärvux. It took about three years to study English 4 at Lärvux, that wasn’t easy. It was tough to combine my studies with work. I worked 50% and sometimes studied two courses in Lärvux at the same time. The two courses I had to attend was English 4 and Swedish 4. The Swedish 4 course took about three years to finish as well. There were difficulties to balance my studies while working. I sometimes couldn’t find time to do my homework as much as I needed, but I always did something to improve my homework with reading or write a short line of text everyday.