My blogging about blogging

I have never blogging before. But Cristina says that we did it. I like to read blogs about animals in the world. I have difficult to read blogs since I have never blogging before. It is difficult. I will not start blogs.
Animals in the world are tigers, elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, rabbits.
The most interesting to read about are elephants since they are intelligent.

This is a nice film:

This is a nice blog:

// Edward

My first blogpost

My blogging
I have never blogging Sherlock Holmes before.
I like to read blogs about Sherlock Holmes
I think I will be reading about Sherlock Holmes
I will start to look at blogs about¨ Midsomer Murders.
Names: Detective Chief inspector Tom Barnaby .Detective Sergeant
Gavin Troy. Detective Sergeant Charlie Nelson.
Detective Sergeant Jamie Winter and Detective Sergeant Ben Jones.

I am watching television. I´m watching Channel 8 Series :
Midsomer Murders.
The two Detectives were looking for murderers.

The two Detectives arrested men, women, boys and girls. Because everybody were murderers. //Sherlock

My first blogpost

Me and my blogging.
I have never been blogging before. I like to write things, but i don’t like to write stuff that anybody can follow and what’s happening in my life.

The second reason is that I’m not a computer person 🙂
For few years ago I read many different blogs. It’s about nature skills and how you can survive in nature, how you are building a shelter of what the nature can give you, or how you can start a fire with the help of rocks.

It’s important to learn and know which vegetables you can eat just to avoid to be sick.
Now I am going to start a blog in school. It’s going to be interesting and fun, I see this at a chans to training on my english to be good.
I want to write about my big interest in Surviving and Offgrid living.

I have always thought that it is a little bit dangerous to publish what you are doing in your life if you tell everything. But on other hand you don’t have to write in your real name or where you live.

That’s all for me just now / Miriam

My blogging

Whats is a blog about?
A Blog is about facts for example a food blog,training blog,health blog.
A Bog is about writing about yourself or about something you have read.
I’m interested in reading about health,
I don’t like to write a blog about my personal life or what happen in my life, and people follow me.
Blogging popular because it works as a marketing tool and makes money.
You can be to upload photos and text at the same time in blog and you need ideas to write ..
You must use your imagination to write the blog
There is Social media that is like a blog.

My blogging!

Hi I am Zahra!
It is the first time for me to blog.
I do not know anything about it, but now I want to try and blog.
I am ready to read people´s blogs and learn to write my own blog post.
It is going to be interesting to write about my own opinion in the blog which everyone can read.
I am thinking first I will research how to make blog post and send to people.
I will be very happy when I succeed blog post.

Me and blogging.

Me and blogging
What do I blog about? I´m blog about mostly everything for exempel movies, music, politics, tv-series, cartoons, people
with disabilities, explorations, facts and more.

How often do I write? Very often.
How long have I blogged? Maybe few months.

What is my favourite theme? Mostly music, travels, movies and tv series.

Do I take picture from Google to my blog? Yes.

// Falcon 92

Elena on blogging

Hi my name is Elena
This isn’t my first time to blog. I have tried to blog before in Swedish and that was both about my life and I have tried to write short stories in Swedish but I quit after a while because I realized that wasn’t my thing.

Also I have done some blogging here at Lärvux so It will be fun to try again
even though I like to read blogs rather than to write in one.

I think this will be a good challenge for me to do something that I am not used to and maybe when I’m done doing this I will begin to like it and maybe start to write one about my life in English.

I don’t read blogs as much as I did before but if I want to read then I choose to read about people who are dealing with mental health and keeping it as a secret from their family and friends.

The reason why I like to read their blogs because mental health is big part of my life and I want to know how they handle their mental health because there are many people in our society who are dealing with mental health.

I think personally it would be good idea for me to write about my experience dealing with it so maybe I can help people who feel the same way as I do but I don’t have the courage to do it.

Unfortunately there aren’t many people who write about that. I think the biggest reason why they don’t write blogs about that are because they don’t want to be caught writing one even though the blog is anonymous they don’t want to take that risk.
I also like to read about celebrities and their lives. What they do on a daily basis because the only time we see or hear them are when they are on television or on the tabloids.

Most people have prejudices against them. They believe that just because they are rich and live a good life with fancy cars and houses that they don’t have any issue at all but what they forget are that they humans like us.

They can have their own problems without knowing it but they are
celebrities who have decided to share their problems and their stories to their followers .

Here is a few blogs I like to read at the moment

Jonna Lundell:
Kenza Zouiten:
Paulina Danielsson:
Nicole Falciani:


My blogging- Thoughts and experiences

Hi everybody..

This is Christina , who is teaching the students I want to show you what you can add to your text in the blog…

*This is a famous Swedish blogger , that bloggs in Swedish. You can, if you wish, add a link to your text.

*Here´s a videolog ( vlog) that is inspirational

* This is a podcast ( an audioshow , like radio)

You can also add a photo ….

This is my gull-friend ( not my girl-friend) Gullan. She lived at my window sill in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

*This is a blogpost from one of the students that study here at Lärvux.

Blog Post 1 – The reason why I wanted learn English / Elena