Presenting a political party / Zahra

Which party did you choose?
I have chosen the Social democrats.

Why did you choose the party?
Because I think they will make Sweden safer through
stronger welfare,security through action against
crime,security through faster integration.

What do they want? Explain the main points – the most
important questions for that party
They want to make Sweden safer for people.
Today the Swedish economy is very strong,they
say,they want to use the strong economy to implement
the largest social security programme in modern times.

What questions are most interesting for you? Explain why.
I have many questions about the politics, politics today
disappoints me.

When they want to do these promises?
They say the Swedish economy is very strong.
Why the elderly are poor, why the rents get more
expensive every year. Why is the public transport so
expensive if the economy is very strong.
It is the same about all the food and everything people

Presenting a political party : The Social democrats/ Adam Falcon

Presenting a political party

1: Which party did you choose?
Swedish Social Democratic Party.

2: Why did you choose that party?
Because I think that people will get more
jobs, more welfare, more migration
policies, more police

3: What do they want? Explain the
main points – the important questions
for that party.

The Swedish Social Democratic Party
want more jobs,
more healthcare staff,
● Employ more nurses and doctors, then waiting lists can be shortened
● Employ 14 000 more staff in the care to 2022.

more welfare
● Invest in a better welfare. We want employ more nurses and doctors,
then waiting lists can be shortened and more teacher, then pupils learn

more taxes,
The taxes will go to welfare, schools, healthcare and police.

more police
● Have 10,000 more police staff employees.

4 : What questions are the most
interesting for you? Explain why.

The most important for me is jobs and

5: How was the assignment? Explain.

I think that should be improved with
translation and some difficult words.

My party ”The Support party”/ Molli (and teacher Christina)


My party ” The Support party”

Motto: The right support to the one who needs it.

Party programme
Education: Everyone should go to study.
Development aid: We need to support the poor people in Sweden we need to support the homeless in Sweden.
Taxes: Lower taxes for the people with low income.
Wages: The minimum wage has to increase. You must be able to live on your income.
Health care and elder care: Everyone should have the right to healthcare and eldercare.
Special needs: Every child should have the right to support in school.

Presentation of the Left Party/Mohamed

Which party did you choose?
I choose the LEFT PARTY.

Why did you choose that party?
Because I want to have more information about this political party.

What do they want?
THE LEFT PARTY want to have equality in many areas such as for the

:poor pensioners because that means that they have work their whole
life and they get a bad pension.
:Nursing assistants with low pay and stressful jobs. People who work like
nursing assistants feel their job has become heavier and harder.
:Unemployed means the people who do not have a job have difficulty to
find a job because they do not have an education,or they dropped out of
school when they were younger. People who have education also find it
hard to get a job in recession.
:Anyone who loses their assistance under LSS. People who lose their
assistance cannot not get that help they need under the law on support
and service to certain disabled people (LSS).
The assistants can not help the people who need support and they get a
low salary. People find it harder because they cannot do without their

The most important questions for the left party I think is to save the
earth. I think we need to take care of our earth and not to litter in nature.
They want to increase public transport so that we get more trains instead
of cars. The party does it to reduce emissions.

Another important question for the left party is to stop the war which is
happening now in Yemen and Syria. They want to stop the selling of
arms to other countries.

What questions are the most interesting for you?
It is somewhere to live. Because if you do not have a flat where do you
live then ? The LEFT PARTY wants to build more apartments so you can
afford to rent and all municipalities with housing shortages must build
more homes.
The LEFT PARTY wants to help people who have medical needs so that
they can get help immediately. They also want to make it cheaper to go
to the dentist.

How was the assignment?
It was a bit difficult to understand the content but I understand some
parts. I learnt something new about the LEFT PARTY e.g. they want to
help people who have committed crime and joined gangs so they can
stop be criminal.

: LEFT PARTY is a socialist and feminist party.
:Now a new survey has been made that about 9% of voters want to vote
for the LEFT PARTY.
:Now the LEFT PARTY wants to cooperate less with military alliances
e.g. Nato and take care of their own defense.
:THE LEFT PARTY wants to stop selling arms to other countries.
:After year 2025, Sweden is not gonna allow gasoline and diesel cars if
THE LEFT can decide.
:THE LEFT PARTY say that many have had difficulty finding jobs and
they want to reduce 8 hours to 6 hours and to earn the same salary
even if you work 6 hours

Presentation of The green party / Gustav

The green party

I think it’s so interesting that human beings are creative.
I think everybody should have the same rights irrespective of

*sex (kön= man,kvinna, inget kön)
*ethnicity (=etnicitet= folkgrupp)
*religion (=religion)
*disability (=handikapp)
* sexual orientation (=sexuell läggning )
* gender identity (=könsidentitet)
* gender expression (= att man får uttrycka sin person fritt oavsett kön)
* age (ålder).

The right to choose where you want to live.
You should have access to important societal functions,
and telephone.

Our vision is the people who are lacking ( = saknar) an
income should be guaranteed support.
Welfare (e.g  = LSS, sjukpenning, föräldrapenning, A-kassa)
shall give people freedom, quality of life and security.
That’s important for me.

We must have a democratic society.
The police must get the money and time to help,
support, keep order, investigate (=undersöka), crimes and
do preventive work (=göra förebyggande arbete) .

I think that security guards and watchmen also should
be included as security.

It’s that interesting that the symbol of The Green Party in America looks like a flower. The symbol is very green.

Presentation of the Left Party / Gustav

The left party

Freedom to a good work with good pay .
It’s very important that all schools will have a library with
a school librarian.
It should not difficult to exercise and experience (lära
sig,uppleva) the culture.
All schools must be safe for the children.
Everyone should have it well in Sweden, not only the
Sweden is a rich country, but not everyone who lives
here is rich.
But Norway, it’s a very expensive country.
All power must come from the people.
To fight for more power and become stronger.
We would rather spend money on rental apartments.
Some rich people don’t pay taxes.
It’s important to pay tax, rent and internet.
Anyone who wants should be able to work full time.
Everybody should have a job, because they need to
earn money.
Today, many women have so low pension that they are
Some women are beaten by their man. The Left Party
wants to protect these women better.
We must take care of our earth.
We cannot trash this earth.
If you and I sort our garbage it’s great, but it’s not
Don’t leave the stuff you do not want on the ground.
In the Left Party is equality important.

My Party: The Music Party/ Gustav

The music party

Motto: We think this is very good and that people should learn
more about music and what lyrics are about. Every song of every
music-style must have a music video.

Party Leader: Our party leader is called Notaj Ming and
he has Asian origin.

Taxes: I think that all the money should go to all
apartments, hospitals, schools, restaurants and travels.
Cheaper rent for all the group homes and service and
training apartments.

Party Programme: There should be a music channel
24/7, food tours to different countries and food cultures.
The music channel is all the time when you feel like
watching. When you are at a food tour you can see the
latest in recipes if you feel interested.
There is a page on internet named

EU: They think the flag should have more stars and
more Asian food restaurants, Notaj said. They want to
stay in the EU because they have very good poilitics.
Because they want to have more Asians in the whole
Europe so they can work in more Asian foodtrucks 🙂

Development Aid: There should be delivered food to
different countries, because if the inhabitant are very
very poor so they need free food without costs.
Education: More colleges with music classes and more
Asian literature so everybody can learn more about

Health Care: There should more doctors and dentists
with a shower in every room for all patients because
they must be clean or else the doctors can be sick.

Eldercare: People when they are over 70 need to live in
an old people’s home because they must have some
kind of company and friends. The people can be more
happy when they live there. There is happy music,good
food and sausage grilling. They eat dessert and then
they sleep well.

Immigration: The music party thinks that all people that
come from Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania
should speak Swedish and English or German. They
need to learn Swedish because it’s very important to
understand better Swedish if you live in Sweden. Europe
and Asia must be best friends with each other 4ever
because they are almost neighbors with each other,
Notaj said.