Ur.se_ Who owns the sky? Christina writes the class’ discussion


What would the fishermen do without any water?

They could try to get back the water from the farmer boy.

They could destroy the blockage, and be happy.

Who owns the water?

Nobody owns the water.

What did the fishergirl do to receive help?

The fishergirl goes to find the missing water.

The girl goes to the farmervillage where she meets the farmerboy, and she is not happy. She tells him it is not right for the farmers to steal all the water – the fishermen have no food

Are the farmers going to help the fishermen?

The farmers suggest that the fishermen can move to them.

What did the fishergirl do before the river dried up?

She was fishing. After the water was gone, they only ate old shoes. it’s grose!

What did the farmerboy harvest from the garden?

He harvested (= skördade) carrots.

  • It is bad that the farmerboy stole all the water.
  • The blockage(the dam) stopped the water in the river
  • it is not good that the fishervillage has to eat old shoes.
  • I like that it is a brave girl that tries to work out the mistery about the missing water
  • Please share !

Quick writing: What Sally said/ Sherlock Holmes

what sally said.
how is Sally’s situation in her home?
She scarred on the arms.
She could use more help from hers mother .
Sally’s mother can call the police.

How do Sally’s friends react when Sally says her bruises( black and blue marks on her skin) comes from falling down the stairs?
They do not believe her.

What do you think makes Sally’s father decide to beat her so much? How does he feel?
He is sad, because he broke into his hands.
She does not listen to him.

What can be the reason one person decides to control another person? Give some examples…
Sally’s father is ashmed.

What can happen to the person who gets beaten?
the person can get afraid, run away tell your mother.
You can break your arm.

What can happen to the person who beats?
He can go to jail.

A neighbour knocked on the door and said open the door.
Stop you can’t escape!

Quick writing: What Sally said/ Molli with the help of teacher Christina

What Sally said-Molli’s poem inspired by the story

they are very happy for he says I come for you
we should be together
I like you.
No more crying
I come for you in love finally.
my love for you.
Always we are together.
pappa says: come here to my ,please I’m feeling bad
I am crying for you, come
he knocked on the door: I love you.

Quick writing: What Sally said/ Edward

What Sally said

Her father is angry
” he catches her talking to a boy and the next day she doesn’t come to school. And the next. You´re not my daughter. And then he broke into his hands.”
My thoughts about the story is that it is a very sad history, because Sallys father beats Sally.
She beaten and black. She said in the school to be falling off the stairs.
”And hers mother rubs lard on the places where it hurts..”

Quick writing:What sally said/ Mohamed


What sally said
what can happen to a person who gets beaten?
What may happen is that he or she gets seriously injured and starts to
feel bad.He or she has been bullied by other people and they think
nobody helps them.They can commit suicide if they do not get help

Quick writing:What Sally said/ Linda



how is sally´s situation in her home?
1. SHE is happy because her father cry and said to her this is the last time I will not hit you anymore please come home.
2. SHE is sad because her father beat hard like a dog and animal with that buckle and belt she received scarred on her face.
3. it is hard for her because she dares not say to anyone that her father hit her and she lies in school and friend that she falling off the stairs and she have to go with scarred on her face to school.
4.she could use more help from people

what do you think makes Sally` father decide to beat her so much? how does he feel?
1. he is angry because Sally talking to a boy.
2. he is sad because he want his daughter Sally to comes home.

Quick writing:What Sally said/ Adam Falcon

What Sally said
How is Sally´s situation in her home?
The situation is not good. She feels uncomfortable .
She is happy, because of her pretty face.
She is sad, because she does cares about her mom.
It is hard for her because she had bad day.
She could use more help from her friends or her mom.

How do Sally´s friends react when Sally says her
bruises comes from falling down the stairs?
They were shocked.

What do you think makes Sally´s father decide to
beat her so much?
He is angry because she was disobedient.
He is sad afterwards, because he beats her hard.
He doesn’t like when Sally comes home late.

Quick writing:: What Sally said/ Gustav and Petronella

What Sally said 

 How is Sally´s situation in her home 

  • She is happy, because… she goes to visit her friend
  • She is sad , because… her father beat her black and blue
  • It is hard for her because… she cannot tell about her bruises
  • She could use more help from…  school and friends. If Sally tells somebody in school they can help

How do Sally’s friends react when Sally says her bruises ( black and blue marks on her skin) comes from falling down the stairs?

Her friends do not believe that she was falling off the stairs

What do you think makes Sally’s father decide to beat her so much?
How does he feel So he can lose his anger

 What can be the reason one person decides to control another person? -Give some examples… A  reason one person  decides to control another person is to have power over other peolpe

What can happen to  

  1. A) the person who gets beaten?  The person who gets beat is running away, bad self confidence  
  2. B) the person who beats? He can end up in prison and have to pay a lot of money because he beat her

Your thoughts abouts the story
A terrible story

ur.se- The strongest man in the world. / Sherlock Holmes

Obasi is a man and he’s strong.The baby is strong with the buffalo.
Obasi knocked at the door and the big man opened the door.
The big man was angry, and the big man was hunting Obasi.
He run and the big man roar. He is jumping in the river.
He is going to the forest./ Sherlock Holmes