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The king who was eaten for breakfast

A long time ago in India, there were two kings who lived on either side of
a mountain. Their names were King Vikram and King Karan. King
Vikram was a kind and friendly king. King Karan was unpleasant.

Every morning, he threw hundreds of gold coins into the crowd of poor
people below. Every morning he got up before anyone else. He climbed up the mountain to the hermit’s hut. Then he climbed into a frying pan
and the hermit cooked him.
Then the hermit ate King Karan for his breakfast. After that, he said
magic words. King Karan would come back as good as new.
Then the hermit would bring out his magic hat and shake out hundreds
of gold coins.
One day two swans flew over the city of King Karan.
Two swans sang and King Karan got angry. He told his soldiers to catch the swans. But one swan got away and flew back to the kingdom of King Vikram.

Theswan told King Vikram to help.
King Vikram dressed up as a poor man and sneaked up on King Karan.
King Vikram stayed awake the whole night. King Vikram saw when King
Karan went to the hermit’s hut.Then King Vikram saw King Karan was
eaten by the hermit and gave him a magic hat. King Vikram was
Then he had an idea. King Vikram went to the market and bought
spices. After that he rubbed his full body and jumped into a frying pan.
Then the hermit ate King Vikram. The hermit said a magic word.
King Vikram came back as good as new. After that the hermit
gave him a magic hat in return. When King Karan came to the hut, he
got angry to find the hermit was full up. King Karan went to the castle
and he felt upset. Then King Vikram came and told King Karan to
release the swan. And from then on, King Vikram and King Karan became
the best of friends.
The End.