The film ”Shakespear in Love”/ Elena

This week we have talked about Shakespeare and his life. We saw a movie called Shakespeare in love. It was around that time when he wrote one of most famous plays Romeo and Juliet.

It was very interesting to watch how they lived and what they did to have fun. Because there were no cinemas at that the time so they only had plays.

There was a character who I really admired in the movie.
Her name was Viola, she loved poetry and she wanted to become a poet but she weren’t allowed because she was a women and at the time women were not allowed to be poets.

Men believed that women their place belonged in the kitchen or in their
homes. But despite that she took a risk and dressed up as man because that
was the only way for her to be in a play.

Today , in some countries there are still young girls who has the same problem as Viola. Some parents might not even send their daughters to school. Instead they have to learn how to be the perfect housewives.

And when the parents think that it is time for them to be married, they sell them to usually much older men.
They are often around the age of 10 maybe younger. She was a daughter of wealthy merchant so it was harder for her to pursue her dream.
It was very hard for women at the time because men thought so lowly of women. Women had no rights.

They couldn’t decide on their own instead a father or brother did it.
Viola fell in love with Shakespeare but she knew that it wouldn’t last because she couldn’t marry him.

Meanwhile her father sold her to a rich lord. She had to obey her father otherwise he would disown or even kill her.
She had to leave everything she loved behind. She had to leave her dream and her love for Shakespeare.
We saw in the movie that when the lord who Viola’s father sold her to when he heard a rumor that someone else was with Viola , instantly he found who he was and he got him killed.

That has never changed, still there are people killing each other for the sake of honour.
If a woman or a girl did a mistake that can ruin their family’s honour according to the parents then the male members have the right to kill their daughter. In some cases they would also kill the boy.

This honour violence culture has been around for hundreds of years. Let’s just say that if Viola would run away from her husband then she would be thrown into prison or maybe killed.

// Elena