Adam Falcon : The prince who thinks he is a rooster. Christina is writing

The prince was human at the beginning, but at some point, he decided to be a rooster. It could be a supernatural phenomenon.

The wise man could cure other humans. The trick was that he was acting in a smart way. That’s what wise men do.

Can you choose to be who you want to be?
You can be a Prime minister of Sweden if you are Swedish born, but you cannot be a king or queen because of laws. 

The wise man meant that we can choose whatever we want to be.

Can you choose differently and have a different life?
When I stopped eating so much meat it feels better because I know it gives me better health 

Is it always good to be stuck in your own ideas?
I can be good but sometimes it can be bad. You cannot be stuck in your head all the time. You can become smarter if you study and discover new things.



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