Annas programs!

Hello My name is Anna Bäck. Now I talk about what programs I use on internet. First of all the programs I use most is Youtube and some other programs.

I use play channels and sometimes Ted’s talks and I use Youtube most of all. I love to use this programs or maps or apps. I love to use internet and use Youtube and Ted’s talk. I am 30 Years old and i can use internet and I am happy to have the apps or programs. I write many storys in my computer and save them in the computer. I like to use hotmail outlook. I love to have Hotmail apps or Programs and write some mails. I love to tell my days for people.

I love to write mail and stories and use Youtube. And sometimes i use ur skola on Internet. We have Newsreel on ur skola and ur play. Different documentaries And lilla aktuellt there and many things there. But most of all I use Youtube. I use Youtube every day. I almost send live on Youtube. The have a new thing in youtube. That is I can click a button to send live. I read the bible on live streaming.

But that’s all about my programs and apps I use on internet /Anna Bäck

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