Blog post 1 – Why do I want to learn english? / Elizabet

I am Elizabet and I want to tell you about why I want to leran english.
When I was studying in my cauntry at seventh grade,we had english lesson for the first time.
Our teacher was a female and she was very string.
We would only speak english.
I coulden’t either talk or understand it.
I had begun to hate the lesson, it was very dificult for me.
I did not like to go to her lesson.
I learned little it and after the eighth grade, I was married 😏.
Eventtually I become with children I have four children and I am happy.
I whished always to leran english but I did not situation to do it.
Several times I asked my ex husband to start study english but he did not allow.
Now I want to learn english.
I want to understand, talk, write and read fluently English.
When I travel to an other countries speak to peaple and enjoj it.
I want to understand english movies.
I have a gole to learn english and I do my best to succeed it with help of my teacher. 😊