Blog Post 1 – Why do I want to learn english? / Captain Burlin

To come to another country that can not speak Swedish, then the best way is to speak in English & French.

As for example, I get there with my own boat. Because I am the world’s good-hearted pirate captain.

I like working instead of holiday. I want to be on the USA’s side. For then is the only country in the rich world without a statutory holiday. They are the best, because the holiday law are is a lively imagination.

I’m going to be a military colonel in the United States. I love talented people, ever actresses. One of they talented actrsses is Alicia Vikander, she is a good-hearted person. She is not the same as Anna Popplewell.

I love work on screen printing at folk university, press on black, White, navy blue and red t-shirt & black, navy blue, linen and military green coat. Figures such as pirate skull with captain logo & sailor anchor with captain and first mate, us army colonel badge and logos.


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