Blog post 2 – In what ways do I prefer to learn english? / Elena

I prefer reading and talking in English because I like it more but  I know it’s good to write also because you will learn better But I don’t enjoy it like I enjoy reading and talking in English. Writing is something I want learn to love but for now I just dislike it and writing in English is something you will at some point in your life. Maybe you will have a boss who can’t speak Swedish or write directions for tourists. By watching movies or tv-shows you learn new words or sentences. Usually I use Swedish subtitles but it’s rarely I use English subtitles which I should use it more because you will learn more and you will hear how it’s pronounced and how it’s spelled and if you find any words that you don’t know the translation you can look it up. I often understand what they say but sometimes it’s really hard especially when they use very old English language but I really like it. And  talking in English I really like to speaking in English. And if you stay or move to an English speaking country you have no other choice and speak English and you can use Google Translate for móre help. But if you want to make things harder for yourself you don’t use it.I know i will not use it as much only when I really need it

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  1. I also watch series and movies. I use the Swedish subtitles but I will try English subtitles after i read your text. You inspired me. Gustav

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