Blog post 2 – In what ways do I prefer to learn english? / King

I would like to learn english by talking a lot to the people
at my work, both the ones I am working with but also to
the elderly people if the don´t speak swedish. To talk
with my parents, my cousins, my friends and loved
And on a journey, talk to people if I am going out for
excursions and when I order food at restaurants. When I
check-in at a hotel and I ask about something, for
example where is the breakfast served and when.
Or if you ever move somewhere else in the world, you
have to talk to the people. It maybebe that you have
your own business then you have to talk to the
customers about something or if you want to talk to
people in town. So – I think that the best way for me to
learn english is to talk a lot. That is the best training for
Listen more on audio books and songs in english and
when people talk on debate is also a great way to learn
english. Write more to my friends and to my brother, my
mom, aunt and to my uncle. And if you ever write to
someone you met abroad. Maybe write a story, maybe a
book in the future – who knows!