Blog post 3 – What is the diffrence between learning english at Lärvux and other schools that I have attended? / Captain Burlin

My english in Dyslexia school 2003-2006 & New Ängskärr-school
2007-2010. For I will do my English so good to +MVG in grade.
I have read of then.
I’ll continue with it at my first folk high school ( Kjesäter in Vingåker )
My english keeping on getting better when I’m abroad, they do not speak
swedish. For I can both English & French.
I’II continue looking on English’s movies , Beverly Hills Cop 3, Free Willy
1, A royal affair.
English at Lärvux is come so better, the doing I at the same time as
Misa, for example, writing and reading.

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