Blogging me and Hamlet

Blogging me and Hamlet

Hamlet is written by William Shakespeare.
There are some movies about Hamlet for example
Gamlet (Hamlet) from 1964, Hamlet from 1990 and
Hamlet from 1996.

The actors who play the role of Hamlet are Innokentij
Smoktunovskij, Mel Gibson, Kenneth Branagh and so
Hamlet’s most famous quote is To be, or not to be, that
is the question.
Hamlet is the most difficult play because of difficult
It also contains the tragedies, horror scenes and the
The story is about Prince Hamlet of Denmark and his
Prince Hamlet is son of Gertrude and King Hamlet who
passed away.
King Claudius is King Hamlet’s brother and Prince
Hamlet’s uncle who killed King Hamlet.
King Claudius takes over the throne and marries
Gertrude (Prince Hamlet’s mother).
Later came a ghost and the soldiers were afraid.
It ends with Hamlet that dies of poisoned sword and
Prince Fortinbras takes over the throne

/ Falcon 92

Hamlet Summary / ELENA

Hamlet Summary
Hamlet is a famous play , written by William Shakespeare
When Hamlet’s father dies his uncle Claudius becomes king and marries Hamlet’s mother.
Afterhis father’s death his ghost appears in front of Hamlet
He tells Hamlet that he can’t rest in peace because he was murdered.
He said that it was Hamlet’s Uncle Claudius that was the one who murdered him by pouring poison in his ear while he napped.
The old King Hamlet told his son to revenge his death but to spare Gertrude’s life. Heaven will decide her fate.

Now Hamlet is confused, he doesn’t know whether he should trust The Ghost or not.
So he decides to enlist help from a troupe of players
They perform in a play called The Murder of Gonzagoto
Hamlet added scenes that recreate what the Ghost told him.
He wanted to see how Claudius’s reaction was. The plan succeeded. As Claudius left the room because he had bad conscience.
So Hamlet plans to kill him .
When Hamlet talks to his mother in her chamber while Ophelia’s father Polonius is hidingbehind the wall hanging, Hamlet becomes violent towards his mother so she calls for help.
Hamlet thinks that it’s Claudius who is behind the wall hanging so he stabs him.
As a punishment Claudius did send Hamlet to England
When Ophelia hears that her father has died , she becomes so sad that she drowns herself
Hamlet returned back to home. One day he was talking to two gravediggers but what he didn’t know that it was Ophelia’s grave they were digging

Laertes (Ophelia’s brother) jumps into her grave to hug her one last time. When Hamlet realizes that it’s Ophelia who is in the grave Hamlet starts to scream and points out that it was only him who loved her the most. Hamlet jumps into the grave as well and begins to fight with Laertes.

Claudius arranges a fencing match between Hamlet and Laertes. Laertes puts poison on the tip of his sword and Claudius poisons Hamlet’s cup of wine. After two rounds he gives the cup to Hamlet but he doesn’t want to drink his drink yet. Instead Gertrude takes the cup and drinks it.

Laertes finally wounds Hamlet with his sword. They both get mad and start to fight on the ground. Hamlet takes Laertes sword and wounds him. Gertrude dies. Then Laertes confesses that he poisoned his word. Hamlet forces Claudius to drink the poisoned cup of wine and then
stabs him with the sword. The whole family dies.


Poetry by Shakespear

I like Shakespeare.
He is world’s greatest playwright . He writes in old English. He writes very much about love. He loved his wife. He compares his love to nature.

He compares his love to nature since weather was always important since houses were cold and dark.
In England it was rainy, therefore the weather was even more important.

/ Edward

Shakespear´s language

Shakespeare´s language
King Lear is Drama!
It`s time for old King Lear to stop being king!
And leave over the kingdome

Sonnet 116 -Poetry

Shakespeare`s old English!
“Love`s not time`s fool,though rosy lips and cheeks within his bending sickle´s compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks”

Modern English!
“Love doesn´t depend on time, although the rosy lips and cheeks of youth eventually come within the compass of Time´s sickle.
Love doesn`t alter as the days and weeks go by but endures until death.”

I think he was a Old man and weather was hot! Because he was sick before he died!

He writes about love and life and plays about Hamlet,Othello, Macbeth, The Tempest, Julius Caesar, Twelfth night or what you will, The merchant of Venice.

/ Sherlock Holmes

Shakespear’s life


Shakespear’s life

He lived from 1564 , Shakespeare died on april 1616
He was an English playwright poet and actor.
He wrote 38 plays over 100 poems, acted on stage and owned his own theatrecompany.

He was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon.
He is from England.

Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway in 1582.
The couple had 3 children,the first child was a girl named Susanna.
They had 2 twins named Hamnet and Judith.
He joined the London Theatre .
The life of William Shakespeare was hard, no electrics, no cars, no telephones and the people can not to read.

Most of the people did not bathe or brush their teeth.
The roads were made of clay and people traveled by horseback,everything was made of wood and there was no indoor lights or heating or stoves so there was lots of fires.

// Nadia Swed

Romeo and Juliet


Romeo and Juliet
Romeo liked Julia the first time he saw her.
Romeo looked for Juliet in the party . He began to love Juliet at once.

She didn’t tell her parents “I love Rome and I want to marry Romeo”.
Romeo said to Juliet “ I love you so much.When I saw you and I got a feeling but I wanted to get to know you because you are my crown Princess.
In the party there were many people .Romeo didn’t like one person in the party. Come here my darling . I wanted to talk with you.

How do they love each other?
The first time they saw each other in a party .When Juliet saw Romeo Juliet began dance with Romeo. After that they were meeting each other in a hiding place- Juliet’s room . They began to kiss each other but a valet came to her room .By the way, the valet said,” your mother is coming soon but you must say bye to Romeo”.

Romeo said “ we could meet late at night.”. He climbs down from Juliet’s balcony with a rope.

Is it easy for them to love each other?
It was strong love from both people . Two people love each other but people join in two people’s life. Her parents wanted her to marry Paris . Paris is from a rich family . Paris loves Juliet but she doesn’t love Paris .
She doesn’t want to marry Paris.When she hears about Paris then she is upset . Now she thought about Romeo . Juliet’s heart belongs to Romeo.

Who wants to stop their love and why?
She was tiring of her family and people. She said some people was talking about us .
Then one day she decided it she wanted drink poison . But she didn’t die .
The valet was sending news to Romeo because Juliet was dying . Romeo was shocked when he heard about this . So much that he bought poison and he killed himself. After the second minute he took a knife and began to kill himself
// Sara

Blogging about Romeo and Juliet.


Blogging about Romeo and Juliet.
Romeo and Juliet families were enemies, but in a feast Romeo fell in love with Juliet.
He didn’t know that she was playing theater.
In this time the father chose a man for the daughter, they could not select a man themself.
In Romeo and Juliet´s case women’s right was insignificant. Women did not have the right to play theater and select a love to marry with.

Juliet was forced to marry a man who her father had selected.
The result was that Juliet and Romeo had to keep their love secret.
One might wonder why a women`s voice did not matter.

The people at that time probably did not think that love is important.
Women were not allowed to play theater, and you wonder why men thought so and why women were not able?!

Behind men`s laws about women there were no reasonable reasoning.
In the movie you can see already that Romeo and Juliet think that it is wrong that Juliet is forced to marry another man she doesn´t love.
After I`ve seen the movie I think that the man Juliet is forced to marry does not seem to understand anything about love.

The strange thing is that the mother or they other people around Romeo and Juliet  have an opinion about that men decide everything around the women, everyone accepts everything.
Romeo and Juliet were brave who stood up for their love.

Who knows what had happened if people had been told about their meeting?!
The movie is a good example of how love wins and conquers all.
At the end of the movie enough people started to understand that you can not force someone to marry. People saw real love.

It was probably terrible for women when they were ruled by the men in society. Society was forced to find a change to make them equal.

When Juliet was revealed in the theater enough people saw a women was as good at theater like a man.

// Miriam

The film ”Shakespear in Love”/ Elena

This week we have talked about Shakespeare and his life. We saw a movie called Shakespeare in love. It was around that time when he wrote one of most famous plays Romeo and Juliet.

It was very interesting to watch how they lived and what they did to have fun. Because there were no cinemas at that the time so they only had plays.

There was a character who I really admired in the movie.
Her name was Viola, she loved poetry and she wanted to become a poet but she weren’t allowed because she was a women and at the time women were not allowed to be poets.

Men believed that women their place belonged in the kitchen or in their
homes. But despite that she took a risk and dressed up as man because that
was the only way for her to be in a play.

Today , in some countries there are still young girls who has the same problem as Viola. Some parents might not even send their daughters to school. Instead they have to learn how to be the perfect housewives.

And when the parents think that it is time for them to be married, they sell them to usually much older men.
They are often around the age of 10 maybe younger. She was a daughter of wealthy merchant so it was harder for her to pursue her dream.
It was very hard for women at the time because men thought so lowly of women. Women had no rights.

They couldn’t decide on their own instead a father or brother did it.
Viola fell in love with Shakespeare but she knew that it wouldn’t last because she couldn’t marry him.

Meanwhile her father sold her to a rich lord. She had to obey her father otherwise he would disown or even kill her.
She had to leave everything she loved behind. She had to leave her dream and her love for Shakespeare.
We saw in the movie that when the lord who Viola’s father sold her to when he heard a rumor that someone else was with Viola , instantly he found who he was and he got him killed.

That has never changed, still there are people killing each other for the sake of honour.
If a woman or a girl did a mistake that can ruin their family’s honour according to the parents then the male members have the right to kill their daughter. In some cases they would also kill the boy.

This honour violence culture has been around for hundreds of years. Let’s just say that if Viola would run away from her husband then she would be thrown into prison or maybe killed.

// Elena

Romeo and Juliet

Bildresultat för ROMEO AND JULIET

Romeo sees Juliet. She is beautiful.
She is dancing. Juliet kisses Romeo. Romeo And Juliet.
Juliet is saying “ Oh my.”
Romeo is saying” Just say you Love me. And I`ll Never be Romeo again”

Romeo is telling the priest “ We won´t.. Nothing bad can happen. If we’re to be Married, Then i would die a happy man”.
Because Juliet has married with Romeo.

The priest says “here comes Juliet. How lovely she looks”
Romeo is saying” He`s alive and Mercutio`s Dead”
Romeo kills Tybalt! Because Tybalt killed Mercutio.

Bildresultat för tybalt kills mercutio

Benvolio is saying” If They catch you, You`ll be executed”Go!
Romeo goes to Juliet! He killed Tybalt! He can not stay Verona
Romeo says”Farewell! I will send my love to you whenever” I can.
Of course we will!

Juliet says” Will we ever meet again?
The priest is saying” You will be taken to the Capulet vault and laid to rest there. In the meantime. I`ll write to Romeo and tell him what is happening.
We will both be in the vault when you wake up, And he will take you away to Mantua. Are you sure you want to go through with this”
Juliet is saying” Give it to me”

The priest is saying” Be strong. I`ll send a friar to Mantua with a letter for Romeo”
Juliet is saying ”Love will give me strength! Farewell, Father”.
Juliet is afraid of Tybalt`s Ghost.
Juliet is scared of the three skeletons!
Juliet is saying” I drink this for you!

The priest is saying” Is the bride ready to go to church”
Lord Capulet is saying“ Ready to go! But never to return.Oh Paris! your bride has died on the night before your wedding day”

Romeo hears, Juliet died!
He is drinking poison and saying “ It works quickly! Thus with a kiss I die! “
They are dead! The families are sad.
They are friends!

Bildresultat för ROMEO AND JULIET

// Sherlock Holmes


William Shakespear was born at 26 april 1564 in a house at Henley Street
Stratford-upon-Avon, Storbritannien, and died at 23 april 1616 in the same place.
He was an English poet, playwright and actor.
He is the most famous in England and the world.
His father William was a successful local businessman, and his mother Mary was the daughter of a landowner.
He had seven siblings.
His parents paid his education at university.
In 1582 William Was 18 years old he married Anne Hathaway who was 26 years old. They had three children Susanna, Hamnet and Juliet.
Their only son Hamnet died aged just 11.