How I want to learn more English with programs and apps

I want to study English because I want to meet friends , when I travel abroad.
I’ll need to talk to some people , and I watch TV on the IPad and sometimes I use Google translate in the phone.
I give tips to my Syrian friends to learn English-what are the pros of learning English .
I watch films in Youtube because I study many verbs and adjectives and substantives

I like because I find all verbs are easy for me in that link. This is good for people who learn.
I see my mistakes when I write words.
I use an application named Lexin this is good because I study Swedish.
I need to use that , and in Google Drive I use “Verktyg” because I discover my mistakes.

/ Mohamed

How I learn English using apps and programs.

How I learn English using apps and programs.
I watch Tv Agatha Christie Poirot.
I am listening to Classic and pop music in Youtube.
I am listening to one Coldplay song and Ronan Keating in English.

I learn new words in English when i listen to music.
I am listening to Newsreel in
It is a good way to learn English in Computer.
Because it is interesting.
I am always looking for information about Sherlock Holmes in Youtube.
I am listening the pronunciation in google translate.
I translate words in google translate.
I watch Tv Midsomer Murders.  /Sherlock

My first blogpost

My blogging
I have never blogging Sherlock Holmes before.
I like to read blogs about Sherlock Holmes
I think I will be reading about Sherlock Holmes
I will start to look at blogs about¨ Midsomer Murders.
Names: Detective Chief inspector Tom Barnaby .Detective Sergeant
Gavin Troy. Detective Sergeant Charlie Nelson.
Detective Sergeant Jamie Winter and Detective Sergeant Ben Jones.

I am watching television. I´m watching Channel 8 Series :
Midsomer Murders.
The two Detectives were looking for murderers.

The two Detectives arrested men, women, boys and girls. Because everybody were murderers. //Sherlock

My blogging- Thoughts and experiences

Hi everybody..

This is Christina , who is teaching the students I want to show you what you can add to your text in the blog…

*This is a famous Swedish blogger , that bloggs in Swedish. You can, if you wish, add a link to your text.

*Here´s a videolog ( vlog) that is inspirational

* This is a podcast ( an audioshow , like radio)

You can also add a photo ….

This is my gull-friend ( not my girl-friend) Gullan. She lived at my window sill in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

*This is a blogpost from one of the students that study here at Lärvux.

Blog Post 1 – The reason why I wanted learn English / Elena


The Lufsa

My favourite food

My favourite food is the lufsa.

Lufsa is dish of Öland’s landscape.

Lufsa is an öländsk oven pancake with grated potatoes, eggs, flour and grated pork.

It is a saturation dish which is baked in the oven for about an hour.

Together with lufsa you have melted butter and lingonberry jam.


Blog post 4 – A description of how I learn english at Lärvux / Milla

I am learning english by trying read short texts and write sentences and to listen on english.
We can work at our own pace in our workbook and tasks.
We have got to crosswords for learning words on a fun way.
We have got looked out youtube short film. (episode extra english)
We have got job with different pets och seen footage about the animal.

Blog post 3 – What is the difference between learning english at Lärvux and other schools that I have attended? / Milla

I got english turned off the first time in grade 3.
I started read english in grade 7 with to have english seven times a week with three various teacher who said three different things for three years. My task was at sit down time and not disturb teaching under three years.
I got not do national test in grade 9 .
I started high school and I should read in small elementary school english but got to go for a month and then they wrote off the course again. There was no teacher who could have English with such a long level.
Difference between primary school and Lärvux are at I get participate and feel at it is okay make mistakes Lärvux and primary school I would not bother

Blog post 2 – In what ways do I prefer to learn english? / Milla

I prefer to learn english by listen to english in different ways, for example others
speak, listen to english music, listen to english movies and listen to english
I also prefer that to get writing english by answer to questions and to write different
Then i know it is good to be able to read and speak in english anyway if i think it is
very difficult. so prefer to learn and speak me to read in english