ur.se- The strongest man in the world- quick writing after a philosophical discussion/ Linda

It is very important for the man,Obasi, that he is the strongest man in the world. Why do you think that is so important for him?
Because he want to show people that he is strong and not afraid.
He wants everybody to like him more and be popular to people.

He is more self confidence off him and he want to show that he can carry heavy things. He want to show that he is the best strongest man than everyone else.

Can you give an example of someone who you think is a strong person?
Oprah is a strong person who can speak about women and black people rights, and she is not afraid to speak and never gives up on people or a person.
Oprah help many people and many children with school and education so they go right way.

ur.se-skola- Juliane’s journey fromZimbabwe: Christina is writing the thoughts of the class

Are you always accepted for who you are? 

  • I think you are not always accepted for who you are. Juliane was never accepted at the orphanage.
  • I am a nice and kind person, who is nice to other people, so I am always accepted
  • Yes, this country ( Sweden)always accepted me. I was not accepted as an Afghani in Iran.

Can childhood experiences affect you for a long time?

Yes childhood experiences can affect you your whole life

They can  affect you when you are adult, like if you were bullied as a kid you may remember that and feel terrible and get depressed as an adult

My childhood experiences have affected me negatively because I was bullied in school as an Afghani child in Iran

Can you always put things right again?

No you cannot, because if you destroy a friendship it is over, You´ll be sad and you cannot fix it anymore. Other things you may fix.

I hope you can always put things right again, but I am not sure that you can.

Yes, you can always put things right again.

Can you learn from your experiences? 

Yes, we can learn from our experiences.

Yes I can learn from my experiences

Yes you can learn new things and you can teach other people new things.


ur.se- skola-”The prince who thinks he is a rooster”/ Christina is writing the thoughts that come up during discussion

” We all make choices all the time”-

  • we can choose the person we want to be
  • we can choose what we will eat
  • you have limits too, because you can be born in a way that limits you.
  • we can change when we mature

”we are all who we choose to be”

  • you can have an operation to become a man ( if you are a woman)
  • you can certainly choose whatever you want, but maybe my parents will not accept my choice.
  • you can make your dream happen if you follow your intuition


” Is it always good to be stuck in your own ideas?”
No, you have to open your brain’s door to have your ideas come out.

” Can you choose who want to be?”
Yes I can choose my life, but there are a few problems on my way

” Who can influence you to think differently?”
People can influence me to think differently, when they give me other ideas so that I can think differently

I think people can influence you to think differently


My party ”The Support party”/ Molli (and teacher Christina)


My party ” The Support party”

Motto: The right support to the one who needs it.

Party programme
Education: Everyone should go to study.
Development aid: We need to support the poor people in Sweden we need to support the homeless in Sweden.
Taxes: Lower taxes for the people with low income.
Wages: The minimum wage has to increase. You must be able to live on your income.
Health care and elder care: Everyone should have the right to healthcare and eldercare.
Special needs: Every child should have the right to support in school.

How I want to learn more English with programs and apps

I want to study English because I want to meet friends , when I travel abroad.
I’ll need to talk to some people , and I watch TV on the IPad and sometimes I use Google translate in the phone.
I give tips to my Syrian friends to learn English-what are the pros of learning English .
I watch films in Youtube because I study many verbs and adjectives and substantives

I like elevspel.se because I find all verbs are easy for me in that link. This is good for people who learn.
I see my mistakes when I write words.
I use an application named Lexin this is good because I study Swedish.
I need to use that , and in Google Drive I use “Verktyg” because I discover my mistakes.

/ Mohamed

How I learn English using apps and programs.

How I learn English using apps and programs.
I watch Tv Agatha Christie Poirot.
I am listening to Classic and pop music in Youtube.
I am listening to one Coldplay song and Ronan Keating in English.

I learn new words in English when i listen to music.
I am listening to Newsreel in Ur.se.
It is a good way to learn English in Computer.
Because it is interesting.
I am always looking for information about Sherlock Holmes in Youtube.
I am listening the pronunciation in google translate.
I translate words in google translate.
I watch Tv Midsomer Murders.  /Sherlock

My first blogpost

My blogging
I have never blogging Sherlock Holmes before.
I like to read blogs about Sherlock Holmes
I think I will be reading about Sherlock Holmes
I will start to look at blogs about¨ Midsomer Murders.
Names: Detective Chief inspector Tom Barnaby .Detective Sergeant
Gavin Troy. Detective Sergeant Charlie Nelson.
Detective Sergeant Jamie Winter and Detective Sergeant Ben Jones.

I am watching television. I´m watching Channel 8 Series :
Midsomer Murders.
The two Detectives were looking for murderers.

The two Detectives arrested men, women, boys and girls. Because everybody were murderers. //Sherlock

My blogging- Thoughts and experiences

Hi everybody..

This is Christina , who is teaching the students ..here I want to show you what you can add to your text in the blog…

*This is a famous Swedish blogger , that bloggs in Swedish. You can, if you wish, add a link to your text.


*Here´s a videolog ( vlog) that is inspirational

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You can also add a photo ….

This is my gull-friend ( not my girl-friend) Gullan. She lived at my window sill in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

*This is a blogpost from one of the students that study here at Lärvux.

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