Quick writing:What Sally said/ Adam Falcon

What Sally said
How is Sally´s situation in her home?
The situation is not good. She feels uncomfortable .
She is happy, because of her pretty face.
She is sad, because she does cares about her mom.
It is hard for her because she had bad day.
She could use more help from her friends or her mom.

How do Sally´s friends react when Sally says her
bruises comes from falling down the stairs?
They were shocked.

What do you think makes Sally´s father decide to
beat her so much?
He is angry because she was disobedient.
He is sad afterwards, because he beats her hard.
He doesn’t like when Sally comes home late.

The prince who thinks he is a rooster. Ur.se-skola. Christina is writing The Science nerd’s answers.

Can you choose to be who you want to be?
You can be super intelligent in the future ( things can change in the future) – don’t lose hope.

Can you choose differently and have a different life?
Is it always good to be stuck in your ideas?
If you say yes your life can start to change

Who/ What can influence you to think differently?
Stephen Hawkins


Adam Falcon : The prince who thinks he is a rooster. UR.se-skola. Christina is writing

The prince was human at the beginning, but at some point, he decided to be a rooster. It could be a supernatural phenomenon.

The wise man could cure other humans. The trick was that he was acting in a smart way. That’s what wise men do.

Can you choose to be who you want to be?
You can be a Prime minister of Sweden if you are Swedish born, but you cannot be a king or queen because of laws. 

The wise man meant that we can choose whatever we want to be.

Can you choose differently and have a different life?
When I stopped eating so much meat it feels better because I know it gives me better health 

Is it always good to be stuck in your own ideas?
I can be good but sometimes it can be bad. You cannot be stuck in your head all the time. You can become smarter if you study and discover new things.


Presenting a political party : The Social democrats/ Adam Falcon

Presenting a political party

1: Which party did you choose?
Swedish Social Democratic Party.

2: Why did you choose that party?
Because I think that people will get more
jobs, more welfare, more migration
policies, more police

3: What do they want? Explain the
main points – the important questions
for that party.

The Swedish Social Democratic Party
want more jobs,
more healthcare staff,
● Employ more nurses and doctors, then waiting lists can be shortened
● Employ 14 000 more staff in the care to 2022.

more welfare
● Invest in a better welfare. We want employ more nurses and doctors,
then waiting lists can be shortened and more teacher, then pupils learn

more taxes,
The taxes will go to welfare, schools, healthcare and police.

more police
● Have 10,000 more police staff employees.

4 : What questions are the most
interesting for you? Explain why.

The most important for me is jobs and

5: How was the assignment? Explain.

I think that should be improved with
translation and some difficult words.

Blogging me and Hamlet

Blogging me and Hamlet

Hamlet is written by William Shakespeare.
There are some movies about Hamlet for example
Gamlet (Hamlet) from 1964, Hamlet from 1990 and
Hamlet from 1996.

The actors who play the role of Hamlet are Innokentij
Smoktunovskij, Mel Gibson, Kenneth Branagh and so
Hamlet’s most famous quote is To be, or not to be, that
is the question.
Hamlet is the most difficult play because of difficult
It also contains the tragedies, horror scenes and the
The story is about Prince Hamlet of Denmark and his
Prince Hamlet is son of Gertrude and King Hamlet who
passed away.
King Claudius is King Hamlet’s brother and Prince
Hamlet’s uncle who killed King Hamlet.
King Claudius takes over the throne and marries
Gertrude (Prince Hamlet’s mother).
Later came a ghost and the soldiers were afraid.
It ends with Hamlet that dies of poisoned sword and
Prince Fortinbras takes over the throne

/ Falcon 92

Shakespear’s life


Shakespear’s life

He lived from 1564 , Shakespeare died on april 1616
He was an English playwright poet and actor.
He wrote 38 plays over 100 poems, acted on stage and owned his own theatrecompany.

He was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon.
He is from England.

Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway in 1582.
The couple had 3 children,the first child was a girl named Susanna.
They had 2 twins named Hamnet and Judith.
He joined the London Theatre .
The life of William Shakespeare was hard, no electrics, no cars, no telephones and the people can not to read.

Most of the people did not bathe or brush their teeth.
The roads were made of clay and people traveled by horseback,everything was made of wood and there was no indoor lights or heating or stoves so there was lots of fires.

// Nadia Swed

Blogging about Romeo and Juliet.


Blogging about Romeo and Juliet.
Romeo and Juliet families were enemies, but in a feast Romeo fell in love with Juliet.
He didn’t know that she was playing theater.
In this time the father chose a man for the daughter, they could not select a man themself.
In Romeo and Juliet´s case women’s right was insignificant. Women did not have the right to play theater and select a love to marry with.

Juliet was forced to marry a man who her father had selected.
The result was that Juliet and Romeo had to keep their love secret.
One might wonder why a women`s voice did not matter.

The people at that time probably did not think that love is important.
Women were not allowed to play theater, and you wonder why men thought so and why women were not able?!

Behind men`s laws about women there were no reasonable reasoning.
In the movie you can see already that Romeo and Juliet think that it is wrong that Juliet is forced to marry another man she doesn´t love.
After I`ve seen the movie I think that the man Juliet is forced to marry does not seem to understand anything about love.

The strange thing is that the mother or they other people around Romeo and Juliet  have an opinion about that men decide everything around the women, everyone accepts everything.
Romeo and Juliet were brave who stood up for their love.

Who knows what had happened if people had been told about their meeting?!
The movie is a good example of how love wins and conquers all.
At the end of the movie enough people started to understand that you can not force someone to marry. People saw real love.

It was probably terrible for women when they were ruled by the men in society. Society was forced to find a change to make them equal.

When Juliet was revealed in the theater enough people saw a women was as good at theater like a man.

// Miriam

How to be better to speak and practise English

How to be better to speak and practise English
1: First of all, I read books, watch tv series with English subtitles, I write
different things like blogposts and other homework.

2: Secondly, I do varied voices like James Duck (both English and
Swedish), impressions and so on.
Explain : When I was young I started to draw different figures for example James Duck, Bertil Dog and so on.
If you are going to be a voice actor, you have to be good at imitating,
sound like the original or if the voice fits in. Exercise your voice and read
in English.
You can also read the textbook and practice English on Youtube.

3: Third, I use tools for example Wordhippo, Google Translate,
Translate.com and so on.

4: Finally, if you are going to be smart eat nuts, fruit and vegetables,
dark chocolates, eggs and seeds. Drink even tea and water. Avoid junk
food, sweets and sweet drinks.

// Falcon 92

My first blogpost

Me and my blogging.
I have never been blogging before. I like to write things, but i don’t like to write stuff that anybody can follow and what’s happening in my life.

The second reason is that I’m not a computer person 🙂
For few years ago I read many different blogs. It’s about nature skills and how you can survive in nature, how you are building a shelter of what the nature can give you, or how you can start a fire with the help of rocks.

It’s important to learn and know which vegetables you can eat just to avoid to be sick.
Now I am going to start a blog in school. It’s going to be interesting and fun, I see this at a chans to training on my english to be good.
I want to write about my big interest in Surviving and Offgrid living.

I have always thought that it is a little bit dangerous to publish what you are doing in your life if you tell everything. But on other hand you don’t have to write in your real name or where you live.

That’s all for me just now / Miriam

My blogging

Whats is a blog about?
A Blog is about facts for example a food blog,training blog,health blog.
A Bog is about writing about yourself or about something you have read.
I’m interested in reading about health,
I don’t like to write a blog about my personal life or what happen in my life, and people follow me.
Blogging popular because it works as a marketing tool and makes money.
You can be to upload photos and text at the same time in blog and you need ideas to write ..
You must use your imagination to write the blog
There is Social media that is like a blog.