ur.se- quick writing_ The king who was eaten for breakfast / Wilda


There were two kings, one whose name was King Vikram and the other one´s namn was King Karan.
King Vikram was famous for his kindness through his actions.
King Karan was a mean and sadder king.
King Karan got up early every morning and went to a man who was a hermit.
When he was there they had a deal, if King Karan had to be eaten by the hermit king Karan could get a lot of gold coins to give his people.
One day two swans flew over King Karan´s area and shouted out:
King Vikram is the best king in the world!!
King Karan tried to catch both swans in a net but one of the swans got free and flew away, to king Vikram and told him that his best friend was caught in a net by King Karan.
King Vikram planned how he could get back the swan from King Karan and he had an idé.
King Vikram went to King Karan and waited for him, when he came out, King Vikram followed him to the hermit and saw what happened.
King Vikram did the same thing. He saw what the hermit and King Karan did, but he rubbed in his body with spices and went to the hermit.
When he got eaten king Vikram asked if the hermit wanted king Vikram to come again next morning and he wanted that.
Soon Vikram had collected a lot of gold coins that he returned to King Karan and spoke with him.
He asked Karan if he could change Vikram’s gold coins for the swan.
King Karan said to Vikram that he understands why the swans said that he was the best king in the world, that he can change his gold for the swan. This was a good action.
The message in the story is telling us that if you act with kindness towards other people they will show you the same thing.
I think that king Karan was jealous of Vikram for his kindness to his people and king Karan now understands that the people will not be happier because of the gold coins.

People want to experience kindness and care, it is a safe and good society to live in.

The prince who thinks he is a rooster- Silvias ideas

Can you choose to be who you want to be?

Yes you can choose who you want to be.

Can you choose differently and have a different life?

Life is not always fair and sometimes things happen in life that you can not control.
I think you can choose a different life. If you make good choices things will turn out better.

Who can influence you to think differently

I am a kind of a person that gets easily influenced by everything and everybody. One example is movies. An interesting story can make me inspired.

Is it always good to be stuck in your own ideas?

I think that it  is not good to be stuck in your own ideas because you will not develop. It is easy to get stuck in the same thoughts and sometimes it is important to think outside the box.


Hamlet Summary / ELENA

Hamlet Summary
Hamlet is a famous play , written by William Shakespeare
When Hamlet’s father dies his uncle Claudius becomes king and marries Hamlet’s mother.
Afterhis father’s death his ghost appears in front of Hamlet
He tells Hamlet that he can’t rest in peace because he was murdered.
He said that it was Hamlet’s Uncle Claudius that was the one who murdered him by pouring poison in his ear while he napped.
The old King Hamlet told his son to revenge his death but to spare Gertrude’s life. Heaven will decide her fate.

Now Hamlet is confused, he doesn’t know whether he should trust The Ghost or not.
So he decides to enlist help from a troupe of players
They perform in a play called The Murder of Gonzagoto
Hamlet added scenes that recreate what the Ghost told him.
He wanted to see how Claudius’s reaction was. The plan succeeded. As Claudius left the room because he had bad conscience.
So Hamlet plans to kill him .
When Hamlet talks to his mother in her chamber while Ophelia’s father Polonius is hidingbehind the wall hanging, Hamlet becomes violent towards his mother so she calls for help.
Hamlet thinks that it’s Claudius who is behind the wall hanging so he stabs him.
As a punishment Claudius did send Hamlet to England
When Ophelia hears that her father has died , she becomes so sad that she drowns herself
Hamlet returned back to home. One day he was talking to two gravediggers but what he didn’t know that it was Ophelia’s grave they were digging

Laertes (Ophelia’s brother) jumps into her grave to hug her one last time. When Hamlet realizes that it’s Ophelia who is in the grave Hamlet starts to scream and points out that it was only him who loved her the most. Hamlet jumps into the grave as well and begins to fight with Laertes.

Claudius arranges a fencing match between Hamlet and Laertes. Laertes puts poison on the tip of his sword and Claudius poisons Hamlet’s cup of wine. After two rounds he gives the cup to Hamlet but he doesn’t want to drink his drink yet. Instead Gertrude takes the cup and drinks it.

Laertes finally wounds Hamlet with his sword. They both get mad and start to fight on the ground. Hamlet takes Laertes sword and wounds him. Gertrude dies. Then Laertes confesses that he poisoned his word. Hamlet forces Claudius to drink the poisoned cup of wine and then
stabs him with the sword. The whole family dies.


The film ”Shakespear in Love”/ Elena

This week we have talked about Shakespeare and his life. We saw a movie called Shakespeare in love. It was around that time when he wrote one of most famous plays Romeo and Juliet.

It was very interesting to watch how they lived and what they did to have fun. Because there were no cinemas at that the time so they only had plays.

There was a character who I really admired in the movie.
Her name was Viola, she loved poetry and she wanted to become a poet but she weren’t allowed because she was a women and at the time women were not allowed to be poets.

Men believed that women their place belonged in the kitchen or in their
homes. But despite that she took a risk and dressed up as man because that
was the only way for her to be in a play.

Today , in some countries there are still young girls who has the same problem as Viola. Some parents might not even send their daughters to school. Instead they have to learn how to be the perfect housewives.

And when the parents think that it is time for them to be married, they sell them to usually much older men.
They are often around the age of 10 maybe younger. She was a daughter of wealthy merchant so it was harder for her to pursue her dream.
It was very hard for women at the time because men thought so lowly of women. Women had no rights.

They couldn’t decide on their own instead a father or brother did it.
Viola fell in love with Shakespeare but she knew that it wouldn’t last because she couldn’t marry him.

Meanwhile her father sold her to a rich lord. She had to obey her father otherwise he would disown or even kill her.
She had to leave everything she loved behind. She had to leave her dream and her love for Shakespeare.
We saw in the movie that when the lord who Viola’s father sold her to when he heard a rumor that someone else was with Viola , instantly he found who he was and he got him killed.

That has never changed, still there are people killing each other for the sake of honour.
If a woman or a girl did a mistake that can ruin their family’s honour according to the parents then the male members have the right to kill their daughter. In some cases they would also kill the boy.

This honour violence culture has been around for hundreds of years. Let’s just say that if Viola would run away from her husband then she would be thrown into prison or maybe killed.

// Elena

My ways of getting better in English

How I learned English fast.
I never learned English in the school, I learned by myself by using
different methods. What increased the speed of my learning was the
When I was a child I really liked to listen to English songs. I did never
know what the songs said so I translated the words to Swedish. When I
heard the lyric song I remembered the words.

When I understood the language I watched movies and put the
translation text in English, so I could see how to spell the words right.
The good thing here is that in Sweden usually the television programs
are in the original language and not dubbed Swedish. That helps me to
hear how to pronounce.

When I went back to school to learn the basic I used google a lot. I
googled grammar exercises so I could practice more of what we learn in
school. A good way to learn faster is by communicate. Meet awesome
people so you can practice your English skills. If you forget a word a
good tips is download dictionary.

I would recommend also to read English books. A lot of books. If you
prefer to listen it is really good to listen to a audio book while you maybe
are in the subway or walking on your way home.
Another fun way to learn is by playing. I use a website that called


You can find there many fun and easy English games.
To learn a new language is not easy but if you have fun you will not get
What I want repeat is that the best tips I will give you if you want
to learn fast is to vary, good luck // Keyla


My ways of getting better at writing and speaking in English // Elena

My ways of getting better at writing and speaking in English
I have a few ways at getting better at writing in English that I use. I read a lot of books both physical books and books online.
When I read I try to compare the differences between the
books I read because every author have their own style when it comes to writing.
It gives me inspiration to get better at writing in general whether it is in English or Swedish.
I watch loads of Youtube videos in English everyday. If I find videos that have subtitles in them then I watch with English subtitles same thing if the video is in Swedish.
That way I can both learn new words and how to pronounce them.
When I find new and difficult words I write them down on a paper.
I try to write more texts other the ones I write at Lärvux.
Even though I don’t really like to write I push myself to write more so maybe in the future I begin to like it more.

When it comes to speaking English I am lucky. That I have my sister and my niece who knows how to speak English.
I have many siblings but I am more comfortable to speak English with my
niece or my sister. I can’t speak English with parents because they were not born here in Sweden so the only language they learned were Swedish.
So I try to speak English with my sister or my niece as much as I can to help me improve my pronunciation. My goal is to get rid off my Swenglish accent because that bothers me a lot.
I have a few online friends who only speaks English so I write English with them.
There is a website that has helped me a lot recently: Wordhippo.com


/ Elena

Elena on blogging

Hi my name is Elena
This isn’t my first time to blog. I have tried to blog before in Swedish and that was both about my life and I have tried to write short stories in Swedish but I quit after a while because I realized that wasn’t my thing.

Also I have done some blogging here at Lärvux so It will be fun to try again
even though I like to read blogs rather than to write in one.

I think this will be a good challenge for me to do something that I am not used to and maybe when I’m done doing this I will begin to like it and maybe start to write one about my life in English.

I don’t read blogs as much as I did before but if I want to read then I choose to read about people who are dealing with mental health and keeping it as a secret from their family and friends.

The reason why I like to read their blogs because mental health is big part of my life and I want to know how they handle their mental health because there are many people in our society who are dealing with mental health.

I think personally it would be good idea for me to write about my experience dealing with it so maybe I can help people who feel the same way as I do but I don’t have the courage to do it.

Unfortunately there aren’t many people who write about that. I think the biggest reason why they don’t write blogs about that are because they don’t want to be caught writing one even though the blog is anonymous they don’t want to take that risk.
I also like to read about celebrities and their lives. What they do on a daily basis because the only time we see or hear them are when they are on television or on the tabloids.

Most people have prejudices against them. They believe that just because they are rich and live a good life with fancy cars and houses that they don’t have any issue at all but what they forget are that they humans like us.

They can have their own problems without knowing it but they are
celebrities who have decided to share their problems and their stories to their followers .

Here is a few blogs I like to read at the moment

Jonna Lundell: http://mrslundell.spotlife.se/
Kenza Zouiten: http://kenzas.se/
Paulina Danielsson: https://paow.se/
Nicole Falciani: https://nickys.se/sv


My blogging- Thoughts and experiences

Hi everybody..

This is Christina , who is teaching the students ..here I want to show you what you can add to your text in the blog…

*This is a famous Swedish blogger , that bloggs in Swedish. You can, if you wish, add a link to your text.


*Here´s a videolog ( vlog) that is inspirational

* This is a podcast ( an audioshow , like radio)

You can also add a photo ….

This is my gull-friend ( not my girl-friend) Gullan. She lived at my window sill in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

*This is a blogpost from one of the students that study here at Lärvux.

Blog Post 1 – The reason why I wanted learn English / Elena


Blog Post 1 – The reason why I wanted learn English / Elena

Hi my name is Axin and I’m 20 years old.

I live in a suburb outside of Stockholm

I started this English course in August 2016

The main reason why is because I want increase my grades so later I canapply for something higher but also I want to get better at speak and write in English

I have always loved English. I read English books and novels every day and I watch English TV shows. I try to speak English as much as I can with my sister or my niece also I want to get rid of my Swenglish accent because it’s driving me crazy so later when I travel to The UK or The US my great Swenglish accent is gone.

A lot of my family members can’t speak English so it can be a little difficult to be able to English but I try to do my very best. I have always wanted to travel either The UK or The US mostly The UK. I love their different cultures, their history and their beautiful landscapes and lastly their accents.