My favorite hobby

I like to watch movies and I like action and horror and drama and comedy and romance but I like action the most.
My favorite movies are Die hard and Mortal weapon and Beck and
Wallander and more movies.

Die Hard

Die hard 5

My family likes to watch movies. We eat popcorn and we drink
smoothies. When we have seen the movies then we are discussing the movies.
I like drama movies because they are funny and I like action because they are exciting and I eat popcorn and drink smoothie when I watch movies.
I like the actors in the movies and they are really good.
Our discussions are lively and everyone thinks differently about the movies and I’m
watching the movies because they are good. We are watching movies at home at my parents’ house when we all are together.

// Petronella

Blogging about running

I have not blogging for a long time.

Now I will write about running. It is good for your body and your health and I feel fine when I am running and you can run out and on the treadmill and I want to run The Color run and Color run is a race with Color and spectators throw color on the people that run. The run is 5 kilometer. I hope I find someone who wants to run with me because it’s more fun if you are two.

Color Run

I am going to the United States and I will run New York Tjejmil there on 9 June. I will go with my family.


My blogging- Thoughts and experiences

Hi everybody..

This is Christina , who is teaching the students I want to show you what you can add to your text in the blog…

*This is a famous Swedish blogger , that bloggs in Swedish. You can, if you wish, add a link to your text.

*Here´s a videolog ( vlog) that is inspirational

* This is a podcast ( an audioshow , like radio)

You can also add a photo ….

This is my gull-friend ( not my girl-friend) Gullan. She lived at my window sill in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

*This is a blogpost from one of the students that study here at Lärvux.

Blog Post 1 – The reason why I wanted learn English / Elena


Paul Nicklen: Animal tales from icy wonderlands

                  From Ted Talks

Paul Nicklen talked about the polar areas, he also showed pictures and videos from his journeys.

He said that the ice bears can’t survive without the polar ice. The ice bears will die if the climate gets warmer. The ice bears eat fish. They dive from the ice into the water.

He also showed pictures from Antarctic. He dived and filmed the leopard seal. The leopard seal ate penguins and tried to feed Paul Nicklen.




In the basket you dribble.

In the basketball when you are playing, you are running and dribbling the ball and shoot to score goals.

I enjoy playing basketball I think it’s a great game. I play basketball one day a week. I started playing basketball when I was 8 years old. I love basket tournaments with my basket team. Once we went to another city in Sweden. We are 20 players in the basket team and we all know each other very well since some years.  I have played almost 7 years in the team “Rosenbusken”. The latest player started for about 3 years ago.

We play 3 tournaments every year, i like it very much. We always thank the opposite team we play against on tournaments.




I like jogging because then I move my body and then I feel good.

I started jogging when I was 6 years old. I have been running many running races in Sweden as Minimaran, Vårruset, Tjejmilen, Blodomloppet, Midnattsloppet and Victorialoppet.

To train myself I usually run two times a week. I run in Tantolunden, sometimes a long distance and sometimes a short distance.


How is it different to study as an adult? / Petronella

I have studied English when I where teenager.
I learn more now when I am adult. And you can learn English in so many good ways.
I have chosen myself that I want to learn English now when I am adult.
In high School we had homework.
At lärvux we are learning in various way as I think is great, you can go into Youtube and so on.

Is learning English at Larvux as an adult different from learning as a teenager?/ Gustav

In the compulsory school we learned about colors and
names of animals we talked about which day it is and
what’s for lunch today. we had English one day a week.
Now as an adult I like to learn more English. How is it
then different to learn English as an adult for me?
You can go to courses that you choose yourself. I think it
that’s funny. I choose English myself, because i want to
be able use English. Because of that it’s fun to be an
adult student. The difference is today I get homeworks every week and
I really like that.
I am adult now and I know how to use the English
language. I can the follow a recipe.

Blog post 2 – In what ways do I prefer to learn english? / Elizabet

Hi! I am thinking abuat what ways are the best for me to learn english.

I would like to writing words and hear the right accents on these words.
It is difficult for me to understand when I listen to english.
I would like to talk english and understand others peaple when they talk whit me.

I want to practise all I need to learn  in english.

If I get the chance to talk english it will be easier for me to grasp.
I want to exercise all these ways to learn english.
I want to write, read, talk and listen to english.
IT will be very good.

Blog post 1-Why I want to learn English/ Petronella

I want to learn English because it is a good language, to be able to use
it when I’m abroad.
When i meet tourists in Stockholm I want to be able
to speak and understand them.
I want to learn English because I like watching movies without subtitles.
It’s good to be able understand and read English for to be able read
Good to be able to speak at my work., and to understand English
To be able get new friends everywhere in world.
To understand people around the world.
To be able to work abroad.
To be able to order in a restaurant abroad.

To be able to read books in English.
English is one of the largest languages in the world.