She dances with bees

Class’ discussion ; Christina writes the response: 

Why does she dance with bees?

She is helping people not to be scared of bees.

She feels closer to nature with the bees on her body.

What does it feel like?

She feels calm and comfortable after some time.

At first, it is uncomfortable , the bees pinch and try to stay in place.

She is stuck in bees. 

What do the people around say?

They were a little scared, but later they felt excited. 

Would you, the class, like to do this? 

No never,I’m scared of bees.

Yes, if someone  can remove the bees when I say so.

No, I don´t want to be half- naked. 

No, I would be scared. I don´t know how she communicates with the bees, but I cannot. 

yes, if I can  have a tranquilizer before. 

Ur.se_ Who owns the sky? Christina writes the class’ discussion

What would the fishermen do without any water?

They could try to get back the water from the farmer boy.

They could destroy the blockage, and be happy.

Who owns the water?

Nobody owns the water.

What did the fishergirl do to receive help?

The fishergirl goes to find the missing water.

The girl goes to the farmervillage where she meets the farmerboy, and she is not happy. She tells him it is not right for the farmers to steal all the water – the fishermen have no food

Are the farmers going to help the fishermen?

The farmers suggest that the fishermen can move to them.

What did the fishergirl do before the river dried up?

She was fishing. After the water was gone, they only ate old shoes. it’s grose!

What did the farmerboy harvest from the garden?

He harvested (= skördade) carrots.

  • It is bad that the farmerboy stole all the water.
  • The blockage(the dam) stopped the water in the river
  • it is not good that the fishervillage has to eat old shoes.
  • I like that it is a brave girl that tries to work out the mistery about the missing water
  • Please share !

Quick writing:: What Sally said/ Gustav and Petronella

What Sally said 

 How is Sally´s situation in her home 

  • She is happy, because… she goes to visit her friend
  • She is sad , because… her father beat her black and blue
  • It is hard for her because… she cannot tell about her bruises
  • She could use more help from…  school and friends. If Sally tells somebody in school they can help

How do Sally’s friends react when Sally says her bruises ( black and blue marks on her skin) comes from falling down the stairs?

Her friends do not believe that she was falling off the stairs

What do you think makes Sally’s father decide to beat her so much?
How does he feel So he can lose his anger

 What can be the reason one person decides to control another person? -Give some examples… A  reason one person  decides to control another person is to have power over other peolpe

What can happen to  

  1. A) the person who gets beaten?  The person who gets beat is running away, bad self confidence  
  2. B) the person who beats? He can end up in prison and have to pay a lot of money because he beat her

Your thoughts abouts the story
A terrible story skola- ” The prince who thought he was a rooster”- Christina is writing the class’ response

Q: Can you choose who you want to be?
A from the class: ”In my head I can be whatever I want to be”
” If I want to be nice I can be nice”
” You cannot choose to be a bully, because it will make                                                 other people feel shame”
” It will be very hard for a woman to become a man, but it                                           is possible”

Q: ” Can you choose differently and have a different life?”
 A from class:  ” You can choose to quit a habit eg. drugs or alcohol, and
have a better life”
” School can change me because I learn English and I can                                            fly to different countries and speak English”

Q: Who can influence you to think differently?
A from class:       ” Whoever can give us new thoughts”
” Music can give us new thoughts”
” Doctors and therapy can do that”
” You can learn new things from Books and films and TV”

Q: Is it good to be stuck in your own ideas? 
A from class: ” I don´t want a bucket stuck to my foot”
                             ” No, because I want to get new ideas, because it is good to
compare new things and models”    




How to study English at Lärvux

It has been wonderful years to study English in school. I learned so much much during these terms. I have learned a lot of English and taught me to pronounce new words in English. I got good contact with my classmates.

My teacher has taught me how to pronounce the words. I thought it was fun to read English. Over the years I learned and studied English so I have learned so much. I am a person who likes to write a lot. So to speak English has been so fun.

I will miss all my friends here at school. But I will teach myself English in my spare time. Having learned English has been so fun. It has been fun to have taken English in school and so much I learned.

But I would like to thank everyone at school for having had such a nice time  at school and having studied English and taught me so much at school.

Now I will go on my own way and wish good luck to all.

Written by: Anna Bäck

The Film Shakespear in Love

This is a story about Shakespeare.
Everything began with Shakespeare working at a theater with different manuscripts. It’s in 1300. The theater would have reached exciting script and a play to play. Shakespeare would be in charge of creating a good script.

Shakespeare sat up several nights and days to write the perfect script. But when Shakespeare had finished writing every time, the theater where he worked was not satisfied. They said they wanted something more exciting to play. More romantic and exciting they thought. So the theater staff threw Shakespeare’s script that he had written. So Shakespeare had to start over and get something exciting.

So Shakespeare had to start over again. What he did not know was that there was a girl in the village who wanted to play theater. So the girl dressed up as a guy and was going to take a shot. One day at an interlude, the theater would bring in new actors. They watched who was good enough to play at the theater . But nobody fit in. But a dressed girl from a manor house came in dressed to a guy. She said all Shakespeare’s manuscript as she read.

Shakespeare who was in the room was surprised and shouted at the guy. The guy named Thomas then ran away. Shakespeare ran afterwards and saw that Thomas went by boat to a castle. Shakespeare followed another boat and later he left the dock, but Thomas ran towards the castle. Shakespeare knocked and asked about the guy Thomas. The services lady would check the case. So Shakespeare waited and waited but eventually he gave up and went home again.

Shakespeare worked the next day at the theater after a good script for a play that would be useful. Then again, the mysterious guy Thomas came. When Thomas talked and interviewed once again, Shakespeare again called on Thomas. Then Thomas ran again.
But this time, Shakespeare managed to get in the same boat as Thomas. They talked for a while. Then Shakespeare got to know that Thomas was a dressed guy. But Thomas did not talk so much and fled up to the castle.

But Shakespeare did not give up so easily. He went back to the balcony. He climbed up by the tree that lay up to Thomas’s room. When Thomas, who had taken off the boys clothes, was surprised when he saw Shakespeare and became shocked first. Then they lay together in bed and talked for a long while as well.

When they lay there, Shakespeare come on a super good play and asked the girl if she wanted to join that play with him and some other actors? She would love it very much.

But she told Shakespeare to promise not to reveal her like and so promised Shakespeare it. Then at night he climbed down and got home again. The next day, Shakespeare wrote on a script called Romeo and Julia. He wrote day in and day out. When half the script was finished, he showed the script for the theater and they were happy. They decided they should rehearse that play. So they brought in some actors and Thomas who was the dressed girl from the castle was also included. They practiced it for several days as well.

Then every night, Shakespeare came to the girl at manor house and they talked about the script every night and how they would rehearse in the days and how they would go and say. Then the girl in the castle would go to the queen because she would fix one thing. Shakespeare wanted to accompany but dressed as a woman. At the Queen’s , they discussed how much money would be best given to the best play. Shakespeare said with a girl’s voice 50 shilling if his play would be good. Finally, the queen said, yes leaving the throne room as well.

The next day everyone practiced the play. When it approached a date the play would be released, Shakespeare and Thomas hugged each other and had sex with each other. Then a boy had discovered that Thomas was a girl at the time and say to the director of the theater. The next day when the actors practiced  the Romeo and Juliet play, the head came to the theater and said there was a woman among them.

Everyone just looked surprised as well. Someone threw down a rat on the neck of Thomas. Thomas tried to shake off the rat but dropped the wig from her head and suddenly the woman’s hair showed and everyone looked sad at her. The head of the theater said he would close the theater because of the woman who dressed up as well. So everyone was sad and in the evening everyone sat down at the bar drinking beer. Until a man came in saying that they could play Romeo and Julia at his theater. Then everyone became happy as well. So soon there was great premiere Romeo and Juliet the play. Everyone came into the theater.

Everyone was in full swing to prepare. Nobody could play Julia but they played the play anyway. People sat in there and looked happy in the play. The woman from the manor house was there too and looked at the play. When the woman from the manor house found out that no-one could play Julia, she walked in to the play and played Julia. The woman’s husband whom she would marry was also there and looked at her play in the play. Outside the boss and some soldiers came to the theater. They were going to arrest the woman for treason. But the whole play was played and everyone applauded and bowed to the people. Then suddenly the soldiers came in and when they would to arrest the woman, one of them took a coat. It was the queen she had seen all the play. The soldiers immediately kicked back. Now the queen arrived with a clear look and told Shakespeare that it was a good play and that he would get 50 shliling for the play. The other woman’s married man got angry when he lost his agreement as well. Then everyone went out and the woman was getting married and traveling with her husband she did not love. So she told her Shakespeare goodbye and they talked about what he would write about. Before the woman from the manor house would go she said that he He could find something to write. Then they hugged each other and kissed each other for the last time. Later she left the theater to travel with her husband. A few months later, Shakespeare sat and wrote about the woman from the manor house and wrote about her trip. Here’s the end of our story about Shakespeare.

/ The end                                                                        Written by: Anna Bäck

My interesting hobbies

I love English because it’s important for example traveling abroad, talking with tourists, watch movies, series and episodes. I can watch food, bakery and restaurant programs.
I can listen to music with English lyrics and watch music videos on Youtube so it’s a good way.
I read a book 5 times so I more understand the story in the book and the plot of the book. Because I think so exciting also with many English texts and it’s exciting to learn in other ways.

I watch series named F.r.i.e.n.d.s, How I met your mother, Sex and the city and Riverdale. Because it’s so very exciting to follow what’s happening during a long time. I am feeling calm when I watch.

I watch movies as The godfather, 47 meters down, Eega and Born to be wild.
In these movies everything happens at once. Certain films continue.

I learn Geography for example the USA states, all the world countries, capitals, flags, big seas, lakes, rivers and mountains.
Because that I think it’s so interesting where cities are located and tourist attractions.

I like basketball and I am playing in the team. I am jogging three days a week on my own and listen to heavy metal and spotify playlists.

I play floorball once a week in Nacka I have been playing for two years.
I love table tennis very much and I am smashing carefully with the ball another side of the table and I like to contest with this.

Boxing is a martial art and I like this sport so we do warm-up and we do punching. I box in Hammarby boxing.// Gustav

My favorite “hobbies”!

My favorite “hobbies”!

My favorite hobby is playing video games.
Watching tv.
Like to watch films and movies. I like to watch
programs from tv and take a walk outside and take
some photos of animals and trees and many things.

I like to eat very much and play a lot of video games
like Super Mario and Yoshi island and many
adventure games.
I like to go to the library and borrow some things like dvd movies and some
books and computer games.

I have many things i like but my real favorite
hobbies are using my computer very much and play
lots of video games like Super Mario. My favorite
retro game is Super Mario World. That are a little bit
of my hobbies.

Written by: Anna Bäck.

Annas programs!

Hello My name is Anna Bäck. Now I talk about what programs I use on internet. First of all the programs I use most is Youtube and some other programs.

I use play channels and sometimes Ted’s talks and I use Youtube most of all. I love to use this programs or maps or apps. I love to use internet and use Youtube and Ted’s talk. I am 30 Years old and i can use internet and I am happy to have the apps or programs. I write many storys in my computer and save them in the computer. I like to use hotmail outlook. I love to have Hotmail apps or Programs and write some mails. I love to tell my days for people.

I love to write mail and stories and use Youtube. And sometimes i use ur skola on Internet. We have Newsreel on ur skola and ur play. Different documentaries And lilla aktuellt there and many things there. But most of all I use Youtube. I use Youtube every day. I almost send live on Youtube. The have a new thing in youtube. That is I can click a button to send live. I read the bible on live streaming.

But that’s all about my programs and apps I use on internet /Anna Bäck

How I like to use apps and programs to learn

I like Ted talks very much because I understand more English words. I understand more fluent English and I learn different things. It’s different people that tell us about subjects. I feel so very calm and easy. I watch the same programs 2-5 times because then I understand
more English. I think it’s so interesting. I have learnt so much.
I learn when I listen what it’s about. I feel so very happy when I listen to it.

I learn grammar when I listen to songs 2-5 times I understand the text better.

I’m watching Youtube every day. I think it’s exciting. I am watching many different Youtube clips. I learn more things when I watch what’s happening in different music videos.
Sometimes I use Google translate word I don’t understand what it means. Sometimes I think it’s not so good because all words do not exist. All different languages are there.

I listen to so I think it’s very nice(Y). I learn more English words so I understand. I translate the lyrics name. I know there are music videos there but I can’t watch there.

I watch Newsreel easy every monday 2-3 times so I more understand.
I answer on questions. The hard questions stands at the glossary from english to swedish.
I watch because it’s just perfect easy so I like it. I learn very much there.

// Gustav