Daancing with bees

Why does she do it?

She wants to feel the nature by dancing with the bees

She wants to communicate with  another species

She wants to have other people not be afraid of the bees

She was really brave

Beacause it is fun , she wants to live another life and live with bees and not have the stress of social media

How do the spectators feel?

a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but then  they become calmer and calmer, because they see what she is doing with the bees. 

They get so much energy with the bees, they don’t feel afraid and they feel calm – they calm down

They feel calm and they smile

They feel much better when they can trust the bees and not think something bad about the bees

Would you like to do it? 


No , never ever!

No, it is so disgusting!

No i will not do it because they sting and it can hurt

No, just no!

yes,,  but I may pass out…

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