Quick writing:: What Sally said/ Gustav and Petronella

What Sally said 

 How is Sally´s situation in her home 

  • She is happy, because… she goes to visit her friend
  • She is sad , because… her father beat her black and blue
  • It is hard for her because… she cannot tell about her bruises
  • She could use more help from…  school and friends. If Sally tells somebody in school they can help

How do Sally’s friends react when Sally says her bruises ( black and blue marks on her skin) comes from falling down the stairs?

Her friends do not believe that she was falling off the stairs

What do you think makes Sally’s father decide to beat her so much?
How does he feel So he can lose his anger

 What can be the reason one person decides to control another person? -Give some examples… A  reason one person  decides to control another person is to have power over other peolpe

What can happen to  

  1. A) the person who gets beaten?  The person who gets beat is running away, bad self confidence  
  2. B) the person who beats? He can end up in prison and have to pay a lot of money because he beat her

Your thoughts abouts the story
A terrible story

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