How I like to use apps and programs to learn

I like Ted talks very much because I understand more English words. I understand more fluent English and I learn different things. It’s different people that tell us about subjects. I feel so very calm and easy. I watch the same programs 2-5 times because then I understand
more English. I think it’s so interesting. I have learnt so much.
I learn when I listen what it’s about. I feel so very happy when I listen to it.

I learn grammar when I listen to songs 2-5 times I understand the text better.

I’m watching Youtube every day. I think it’s exciting. I am watching many different Youtube clips. I learn more things when I watch what’s happening in different music videos.
Sometimes I use Google translate word I don’t understand what it means. Sometimes I think it’s not so good because all words do not exist. All different languages are there.

I listen to so I think it’s very nice(Y). I learn more English words so I understand. I translate the lyrics name. I know there are music videos there but I can’t watch there.

I watch Newsreel easy every monday 2-3 times so I more understand.
I answer on questions. The hard questions stands at the glossary from english to swedish.
I watch because it’s just perfect easy so I like it. I learn very much there.

// Gustav

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  1. Hi Gustav

    I´m also a fan of Ted talks. What topics are you interested in? Maybe it´s hard to choose :).
    I remember one that was about how trees communicate through their rootsystem. There are mother trees that nurse younger trees to help them survive. I´m very fond of trees and forests.

    Hi from
    Annika, teacher at Lärvux

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