How I plan to improve my English in 2019/ Gustav

My English is between 50 and 60 of 100 percents of those who speak
English fluently.
I’m going to English class 2 days a week on Mondays and Thursdays.
I want to improve my English this year and this is my fourth year at the
school. I have to do homework 5 hours per week. I have tests on words
from English to Swedish.
I hope that my English is going to develop to be fluent during this year.
I finished with Duolingo, now I’m learning in an app called Speed
English which is 50000 words.
What is simple in English is the common phrases like hello, my name is,
how are you? for example.
My challenge in English is what does the English sentences mean in
I can learn English in my cellphone, in different apps.
I can watch series with spoken English with English subtitles.
I don’t like when it’s too easy to read and to write.

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