How I want to learn more English with programs and apps

I want to study English because I want to meet friends , when I travel abroad.
I’ll need to talk to some people , and I watch TV on the IPad and sometimes I use Google translate in the phone.
I give tips to my Syrian friends to learn English-what are the pros of learning English .
I watch films in Youtube because I study many verbs and adjectives and substantives

I like because I find all verbs are easy for me in that link. This is good for people who learn.
I see my mistakes when I write words.
I use an application named Lexin this is good because I study Swedish.
I need to use that , and in Google Drive I use “Verktyg” because I discover my mistakes.

/ Mohamed

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  1. Hi Mohamed

    I agree with you, there are a lot of good vidoes on Youtube for learning different languages. is also nice because you can interact and learn by gaming.
    Are there any ”Språkkaféer” for Englishlearners? Maybe Lärvux could arrange one?

    Hi from Annika

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