How to be better to speak and practise English

How to be better to speak and practise English
1: First of all, I read books, watch tv series with English subtitles, I write
different things like blogposts and other homework.

2: Secondly, I do varied voices like James Duck (both English and
Swedish), impressions and so on.
Explain : When I was young I started to draw different figures for example James Duck, Bertil Dog and so on.
If you are going to be a voice actor, you have to be good at imitating,
sound like the original or if the voice fits in. Exercise your voice and read
in English.
You can also read the textbook and practice English on Youtube.

3: Third, I use tools for example Wordhippo, Google Translate, and so on.

4: Finally, if you are going to be smart eat nuts, fruit and vegetables,
dark chocolates, eggs and seeds. Drink even tea and water. Avoid junk
food, sweets and sweet drinks.

// Falcon 92

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  1. Hi Falcon
    You seem to have a lot of good strategies for learning and practising English. Do you know if there are nice places in Stockholm you can go to and practise English? Are there any ”Språkcaféer”?
    Maybe we should arrange some at Lärvux. Would you be interested?
    Hi from Annika

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