How to study English at Lärvux

It has been wonderful years to study English in school. I learned so much much during these terms. I have learned a lot of English and taught me to pronounce new words in English. I got good contact with my classmates.

My teacher has taught me how to pronounce the words. I thought it was fun to read English. Over the years I learned and studied English so I have learned so much. I am a person who likes to write a lot. So to speak English has been so fun.

I will miss all my friends here at school. But I will teach myself English in my spare time. Having learned English has been so fun. It has been fun to have taken English in school and so much I learned.

But I would like to thank everyone at school for having had such a nice time  at school and having studied English and taught me so much at school.

Now I will go on my own way and wish good luck to all.

Written by: Anna Bäck

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