My favourite foods!

My favourite foods!

Hello my name is Sailor Moon. I am going to tell you about  my favourite food. I like to eat very much. I like many different food. But my favourite food is hamburger chicken bites fries from Mc Donalds. More favourite food is macaroni with meatballs and fried chicken with rice with curry sauce and couscous with Sausages and hot dogs. I like these dishes very much. Some dishes I don’t like is fried salmon or other fish. I don’t like spinach or the Vegetables I do not know. I like some vegetables. My mega favourite food is pancakes with strawberry without  sugar. I live in a group home with staff who  are helping me to plan the dinner for the week. I shop weekly every Sunday myself or have  staff with me. I have  a list to  follow and I have money that is enough for the deal. I am cooking my favourite food every day and making some food boxes for the week to my job. That was little about my favourite food what I like or not like.


Written by: Sailor Moon.


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  1. I like almost the same food as you. But it’s important to eat healthy food too. I know that because I’m a trained chef. From Gustav

  2. I like chicken mc nuggets, tacos, pizza, meatballs, macaroni, salmon and rice. I cook my own food and buy it myself.


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