My first blogpost

Me and my blogging.
I have never been blogging before. I like to write things, but i don’t like to write stuff that anybody can follow and what’s happening in my life.

The second reason is that I’m not a computer person 🙂
For few years ago I read many different blogs. It’s about nature skills and how you can survive in nature, how you are building a shelter of what the nature can give you, or how you can start a fire with the help of rocks.

It’s important to learn and know which vegetables you can eat just to avoid to be sick.
Now I am going to start a blog in school. It’s going to be interesting and fun, I see this at a chans to training on my english to be good.
I want to write about my big interest in Surviving and Offgrid living.

I have always thought that it is a little bit dangerous to publish what you are doing in your life if you tell everything. But on other hand you don’t have to write in your real name or where you live.

That’s all for me just now / Miriam

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