My interesting hobbies

I love English because it’s important for example traveling abroad, talking with tourists, watch movies, series and episodes. I can watch food, bakery and restaurant programs.
I can listen to music with English lyrics and watch music videos on Youtube so it’s a good way.
I read a book 5 times so I more understand the story in the book and the plot of the book. Because I think so exciting also with many English texts and it’s exciting to learn in other ways.

I watch series named F.r.i.e.n.d.s, How I met your mother, Sex and the city and Riverdale. Because it’s so very exciting to follow what’s happening during a long time. I am feeling calm when I watch.

I watch movies as The godfather, 47 meters down, Eega and Born to be wild.
In these movies everything happens at once. Certain films continue.

I learn Geography for example the USA states, all the world countries, capitals, flags, big seas, lakes, rivers and mountains.
Because that I think it’s so interesting where cities are located and tourist attractions.

I like basketball and I am playing in the team. I am jogging three days a week on my own and listen to heavy metal and spotify playlists.

I play floorball once a week in Nacka I have been playing for two years.
I love table tennis very much and I am smashing carefully with the ball another side of the table and I like to contest with this.

Boxing is a martial art and I like this sport so we do warm-up and we do punching. I box in Hammarby boxing.// Gustav

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