My party ”The Support party”/ Molli (and teacher Christina)


My party ” The Support party”

Motto: The right support to the one who needs it.

Party programme
Education: Everyone should go to study.
Development aid: We need to support the poor people in Sweden we need to support the homeless in Sweden.
Taxes: Lower taxes for the people with low income.
Wages: The minimum wage has to increase. You must be able to live on your income.
Health care and elder care: Everyone should have the right to healthcare and eldercare.
Special needs: Every child should have the right to support in school.

En kommentar till “My party ”The Support party”/ Molli (and teacher Christina)”

  1. I really like that you invent new political parties. And I like the political programme of the Support Party as well. So, I hope that it will exist in the next election! Maybe I would even vote for it! /Jon

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