My ways of getting better at writing and speaking in English // Elena

My ways of getting better at writing and speaking in English
I have a few ways at getting better at writing in English that I use. I read a lot of books both physical books and books online.
When I read I try to compare the differences between the
books I read because every author have their own style when it comes to writing.
It gives me inspiration to get better at writing in general whether it is in English or Swedish.
I watch loads of Youtube videos in English everyday. If I find videos that have subtitles in them then I watch with English subtitles same thing if the video is in Swedish.
That way I can both learn new words and how to pronounce them.
When I find new and difficult words I write them down on a paper.
I try to write more texts other the ones I write at Lärvux.
Even though I don’t really like to write I push myself to write more so maybe in the future I begin to like it more.

When it comes to speaking English I am lucky. That I have my sister and my niece who knows how to speak English.
I have many siblings but I am more comfortable to speak English with my
niece or my sister. I can’t speak English with parents because they were not born here in Sweden so the only language they learned were Swedish.
So I try to speak English with my sister or my niece as much as I can to help me improve my pronunciation. My goal is to get rid off my Swenglish accent because that bothers me a lot.
I have a few online friends who only speaks English so I write English with them.
There is a website that has helped me a lot recently:

/ Elena

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  1. Hi Elena
    It was inspiring to read your text. It seems you have a lot of good strategies going on. I know what you mean with Swenglish accent, since i have one myself 🙂 . I guess hard work on pronounciation will help you get rid of it.
    A tips could be to use face-time with your Enlishspeaking friends online. have you tried that?
    Good luck with your studies.
    Hi from Annika

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