My ways of getting better in English

How I learned English fast.
I never learned English in the school, I learned by myself by using
different methods. What increased the speed of my learning was the
When I was a child I really liked to listen to English songs. I did never
know what the songs said so I translated the words to Swedish. When I
heard the lyric song I remembered the words.

When I understood the language I watched movies and put the
translation text in English, so I could see how to spell the words right.
The good thing here is that in Sweden usually the television programs
are in the original language and not dubbed Swedish. That helps me to
hear how to pronounce.

When I went back to school to learn the basic I used google a lot. I
googled grammar exercises so I could practice more of what we learn in
school. A good way to learn faster is by communicate. Meet awesome
people so you can practice your English skills. If you forget a word a
good tips is download dictionary.

I would recommend also to read English books. A lot of books. If you
prefer to listen it is really good to listen to a audio book while you maybe
are in the subway or walking on your way home.
Another fun way to learn is by playing. I use a website that called

You can find there many fun and easy English games.
To learn a new language is not easy but if you have fun you will not get
What I want repeat is that the best tips I will give you if you want
to learn fast is to vary, good luck // Keyla


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