How to be better to speak and practise English

How to be better to speak and practise English
1: First of all, I read books, watch tv series with English subtitles, I write
different things like blogposts and other homework.

2: Secondly, I do varied voices like James Duck (both English and
Swedish), impressions and so on.
Explain : When I was young I started to draw different figures for example James Duck, Bertil Dog and so on.
If you are going to be a voice actor, you have to be good at imitating,
sound like the original or if the voice fits in. Exercise your voice and read
in English.
You can also read the textbook and practice English on Youtube.

3: Third, I use tools for example Wordhippo, Google Translate, and so on.

4: Finally, if you are going to be smart eat nuts, fruit and vegetables,
dark chocolates, eggs and seeds. Drink even tea and water. Avoid junk
food, sweets and sweet drinks.

// Falcon 92

My ways of getting better at writing and speaking in English // Elena

My ways of getting better at writing and speaking in English
I have a few ways at getting better at writing in English that I use. I read a lot of books both physical books and books online.
When I read I try to compare the differences between the
books I read because every author have their own style when it comes to writing.
It gives me inspiration to get better at writing in general whether it is in English or Swedish.
I watch loads of Youtube videos in English everyday. If I find videos that have subtitles in them then I watch with English subtitles same thing if the video is in Swedish.
That way I can both learn new words and how to pronounce them.
When I find new and difficult words I write them down on a paper.
I try to write more texts other the ones I write at Lärvux.
Even though I don’t really like to write I push myself to write more so maybe in the future I begin to like it more.

When it comes to speaking English I am lucky. That I have my sister and my niece who knows how to speak English.
I have many siblings but I am more comfortable to speak English with my
niece or my sister. I can’t speak English with parents because they were not born here in Sweden so the only language they learned were Swedish.
So I try to speak English with my sister or my niece as much as I can to help me improve my pronunciation. My goal is to get rid off my Swenglish accent because that bothers me a lot.
I have a few online friends who only speaks English so I write English with them.
There is a website that has helped me a lot recently:

/ Elena

How I like to use apps and programs to learn

I like Ted talks very much because I understand more English words. I understand more fluent English and I learn different things. It’s different people that tell us about subjects. I feel so very calm and easy. I watch the same programs 2-5 times because then I understand
more English. I think it’s so interesting. I have learnt so much.
I learn when I listen what it’s about. I feel so very happy when I listen to it.

I learn grammar when I listen to songs 2-5 times I understand the text better.

I’m watching Youtube every day. I think it’s exciting. I am watching many different Youtube clips. I learn more things when I watch what’s happening in different music videos.
Sometimes I use Google translate word I don’t understand what it means. Sometimes I think it’s not so good because all words do not exist. All different languages are there.

I listen to so I think it’s very nice(Y). I learn more English words so I understand. I translate the lyrics name. I know there are music videos there but I can’t watch there.

I watch Newsreel easy every monday 2-3 times so I more understand.
I answer on questions. The hard questions stands at the glossary from english to swedish.
I watch because it’s just perfect easy so I like it. I learn very much there.

// Gustav

How I want to learn more English with programs and apps

I want to study English because I want to meet friends , when I travel abroad.
I’ll need to talk to some people , and I watch TV on the IPad and sometimes I use Google translate in the phone.
I give tips to my Syrian friends to learn English-what are the pros of learning English .
I watch films in Youtube because I study many verbs and adjectives and substantives

I like because I find all verbs are easy for me in that link. This is good for people who learn.
I see my mistakes when I write words.
I use an application named Lexin this is good because I study Swedish.
I need to use that , and in Google Drive I use “Verktyg” because I discover my mistakes.

/ Mohamed

Blogging about running

I have not blogging for a long time.

Now I will write about running. It is good for your body and your health and I feel fine when I am running and you can run out and on the treadmill and I want to run The Color run and Color run is a race with Color and spectators throw color on the people that run. The run is 5 kilometer. I hope I find someone who wants to run with me because it’s more fun if you are two.

Color Run

I am going to the United States and I will run New York Tjejmil there on 9 June. I will go with my family.


How I learn English using apps and programs

How I learn English using apps and programs
I learn English through listening to music and watching TV programs in English.
I learn English through reading books and using the computer. I usually translate words
in English and usually use Google translate. I usually listen to Newsreel Easy through the
computer and at the same time I am reading the text.

I learn new words and sentences.
I learn English also when I’m blogging through Google Översätt and Verktyg in Google Drive.


How I learn English using apps and programs.

How I learn English using apps and programs.
I watch Tv Agatha Christie Poirot.
I am listening to Classic and pop music in Youtube.
I am listening to one Coldplay song and Ronan Keating in English.

I learn new words in English when i listen to music.
I am listening to Newsreel in
It is a good way to learn English in Computer.
Because it is interesting.
I am always looking for information about Sherlock Holmes in Youtube.
I am listening the pronunciation in google translate.
I translate words in google translate.
I watch Tv Midsomer Murders.  /Sherlock

My blogging about blogging

I have never blogging before. But Cristina says that we did it. I like to read blogs about animals in the world. I have difficult to read blogs since I have never blogging before. It is difficult. I will not start blogs.
Animals in the world are tigers, elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, rabbits.
The most interesting to read about are elephants since they are intelligent.

This is a nice film:

This is a nice blog:

// Edward