Blog post 2 – In what ways do I prefer to learn english? / Elena

I prefer reading and talking in English because I like it more but  I know it’s good to write also because you will learn better But I don’t enjoy it like I enjoy reading and talking in English. Writing is something I want learn to love but for now I just dislike it and writing in English is something you will at some point in your life. Maybe you will have a boss who can’t speak Swedish or write directions for tourists. By watching movies or tv-shows you learn new words or sentences. Usually I use Swedish subtitles but it’s rarely I use English subtitles which I should use it more because you will learn more and you will hear how it’s pronounced and how it’s spelled and if you find any words that you don’t know the translation you can look it up. I often understand what they say but sometimes it’s really hard especially when they use very old English language but I really like it. And  talking in English I really like to speaking in English. And if you stay or move to an English speaking country you have no other choice and speak English and you can use Google Translate for móre help. But if you want to make things harder for yourself you don’t use it.I know i will not use it as much only when I really need it

My Enliglish studies at Lärvux-

I finally got a grade in English 5 after 4 years of studies. It was a long way to go. I decided to study English 5 during my English 4 course in 2015 in Lärvux. It took about three years to study English 4 at Lärvux, that wasn’t easy. It was tough to combine my studies with work. I worked 50% and sometimes studied two courses in Lärvux at the same time. The two courses I had to attend was English 4 and Swedish 4. The Swedish 4 course took about three years to finish as well. There were difficulties to balance my studies while working. I sometimes couldn’t find time to do my homework as much as I needed, but I always did something to improve my homework with reading or write a short line of text everyday.

Blog post 1 – Why do I want to learn english? / Nathalie

I want to learn english to talk to my friends. I want to learn english so I can speak one more language.
want to learn english because .i want to travel to England.
used to watch film in english with english text.
want to listen and understand was the film is about.
want to watch films .i want to listen how they talk in english.

Blog post 4 – A description of how I learn english at Lärvux / Milla

I am learning english by trying read short texts and write sentences and to listen on english.
We can work at our own pace in our workbook and tasks.
We have got to crosswords for learning words on a fun way.
We have got looked out youtube short film. (episode extra english)
We have got job with different pets och seen footage about the animal.

Blog post 3 – What is the difference between learning english at Lärvux and other schools that I have attended? / Milla

I got english turned off the first time in grade 3.
I started read english in grade 7 with to have english seven times a week with three various teacher who said three different things for three years. My task was at sit down time and not disturb teaching under three years.
I got not do national test in grade 9 .
I started high school and I should read in small elementary school english but got to go for a month and then they wrote off the course again. There was no teacher who could have English with such a long level.
Difference between primary school and Lärvux are at I get participate and feel at it is okay make mistakes Lärvux and primary school I would not bother

Blog post 2 – In what ways do I prefer to learn english? / Milla

I prefer to learn english by listen to english in different ways, for example others
speak, listen to english music, listen to english movies and listen to english
I also prefer that to get writing english by answer to questions and to write different
Then i know it is good to be able to read and speak in english anyway if i think it is
very difficult. so prefer to learn and speak me to read in english

Blog post 2 – In what ways do I prefer to learn english? / Edward

I prefer to learn english through read books and listen to CD plate. It is also good if I look to
movie they speak english. I like classes there learn speak english very good.
I think into the classes when I forced speak english and listen when teacher speak english
that good. That also good when I am into the england and I forced to speak english.
I have a friend who speak english very well and we used to speak english with each other.

Blog post 4 – A description of how I learn english at Lärvux. / Captain Burlin

We read us english and write on english. Sometimes looking we on
Extra English. English is so good not bad.
We write in crossword on english, read and write in the book
Stepping stone 1.
Speak english is perfectly. We say english to our teacher. Even he
or she say to us if the weekend, we say the to back.

Blog post 3 – What is the diffrence between learning english at Lärvux and other schools that I have attended? / Captain Burlin

My english in Dyslexia school 2003-2006 & New Ängskärr-school
2007-2010. For I will do my English so good to +MVG in grade.
I have read of then.
I’ll continue with it at my first folk high school ( Kjesäter in Vingåker )
My english keeping on getting better when I’m abroad, they do not speak
swedish. For I can both English & French.
I’II continue looking on English’s movies , Beverly Hills Cop 3, Free Willy
1, A royal affair.
English at Lärvux is come so better, the doing I at the same time as
Misa, for example, writing and reading.

Blog post 2 – In what whays do I prefer to learn english? / Captain Burlin

I looking on movies that they speak english not swedish, as Free
Willy 1, Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & Ghost ship 2002.
I write on english & french at a pepers.
I read in english books. It is time to read in french books too.
I am learning to speak in English and French, when I sail on the
ocean and come to a prominent country.
English and French they are my favorite languages.
I wish a mom & dad to speak English.
I feel okay to do a reading without being a student.
I like job, The job is more important than holidays.
Holidays are junk, because the holiday law are a lively imagination.