Presentation of The green party / Gustav

The green party

I think it’s so interesting that human beings are creative.
I think everybody should have the same rights irrespective of

*sex (kön= man,kvinna, inget kön)
*ethnicity (=etnicitet= folkgrupp)
*religion (=religion)
*disability (=handikapp)
* sexual orientation (=sexuell läggning )
* gender identity (=könsidentitet)
* gender expression (= att man får uttrycka sin person fritt oavsett kön)
* age (ålder).

The right to choose where you want to live.
You should have access to important societal functions,
and telephone.

Our vision is the people who are lacking ( = saknar) an
income should be guaranteed support.
Welfare (e.g  = LSS, sjukpenning, föräldrapenning, A-kassa)
shall give people freedom, quality of life and security.
That’s important for me.

We must have a democratic society.
The police must get the money and time to help,
support, keep order, investigate (=undersöka), crimes and
do preventive work (=göra förebyggande arbete) .

I think that security guards and watchmen also should
be included as security.

It’s that interesting that the symbol of The Green Party in America looks like a flower. The symbol is very green.

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