Presentation of the Left Party / Gustav

The left party

Freedom to a good work with good pay .
It’s very important that all schools will have a library with
a school librarian.
It should not difficult to exercise and experience (lära
sig,uppleva) the culture.
All schools must be safe for the children.
Everyone should have it well in Sweden, not only the
Sweden is a rich country, but not everyone who lives
here is rich.
But Norway, it’s a very expensive country.
All power must come from the people.
To fight for more power and become stronger.
We would rather spend money on rental apartments.
Some rich people don’t pay taxes.
It’s important to pay tax, rent and internet.
Anyone who wants should be able to work full time.
Everybody should have a job, because they need to
earn money.
Today, many women have so low pension that they are
Some women are beaten by their man. The Left Party
wants to protect these women better.
We must take care of our earth.
We cannot trash this earth.
If you and I sort our garbage it’s great, but it’s not
Don’t leave the stuff you do not want on the ground.
In the Left Party is equality important.

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