Presentation of the Left Party/Mohamed

Which party did you choose?
I choose the LEFT PARTY.

Why did you choose that party?
Because I want to have more information about this political party.

What do they want?
THE LEFT PARTY want to have equality in many areas such as for the

:poor pensioners because that means that they have work their whole
life and they get a bad pension.
:Nursing assistants with low pay and stressful jobs. People who work like
nursing assistants feel their job has become heavier and harder.
:Unemployed means the people who do not have a job have difficulty to
find a job because they do not have an education,or they dropped out of
school when they were younger. People who have education also find it
hard to get a job in recession.
:Anyone who loses their assistance under LSS. People who lose their
assistance cannot not get that help they need under the law on support
and service to certain disabled people (LSS).
The assistants can not help the people who need support and they get a
low salary. People find it harder because they cannot do without their

The most important questions for the left party I think is to save the
earth. I think we need to take care of our earth and not to litter in nature.
They want to increase public transport so that we get more trains instead
of cars. The party does it to reduce emissions.

Another important question for the left party is to stop the war which is
happening now in Yemen and Syria. They want to stop the selling of
arms to other countries.

What questions are the most interesting for you?
It is somewhere to live. Because if you do not have a flat where do you
live then ? The LEFT PARTY wants to build more apartments so you can
afford to rent and all municipalities with housing shortages must build
more homes.
The LEFT PARTY wants to help people who have medical needs so that
they can get help immediately. They also want to make it cheaper to go
to the dentist.

How was the assignment?
It was a bit difficult to understand the content but I understand some
parts. I learnt something new about the LEFT PARTY e.g. they want to
help people who have committed crime and joined gangs so they can
stop be criminal.

: LEFT PARTY is a socialist and feminist party.
:Now a new survey has been made that about 9% of voters want to vote
for the LEFT PARTY.
:Now the LEFT PARTY wants to cooperate less with military alliances
e.g. Nato and take care of their own defense.
:THE LEFT PARTY wants to stop selling arms to other countries.
:After year 2025, Sweden is not gonna allow gasoline and diesel cars if
THE LEFT can decide.
:THE LEFT PARTY say that many have had difficulty finding jobs and
they want to reduce 8 hours to 6 hours and to earn the same salary
even if you work 6 hours

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