Presenting a political party / Zahra

Which party did you choose?
I have chosen the Social democrats.

Why did you choose the party?
Because I think they will make Sweden safer through
stronger welfare,security through action against
crime,security through faster integration.

What do they want? Explain the main points – the most
important questions for that party
They want to make Sweden safer for people.
Today the Swedish economy is very strong,they
say,they want to use the strong economy to implement
the largest social security programme in modern times.

What questions are most interesting for you? Explain why.
I have many questions about the politics, politics today
disappoints me.

When they want to do these promises?
They say the Swedish economy is very strong.
Why the elderly are poor, why the rents get more
expensive every year. Why is the public transport so
expensive if the economy is very strong.
It is the same about all the food and everything people

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