Quick writing: What Sally said/ Sherlock Holmes

what sally said.
how is Sally’s situation in her home?
She scarred on the arms.
She could use more help from hers mother .
Sally’s mother can call the police.

How do Sally’s friends react when Sally says her bruises( black and blue marks on her skin) comes from falling down the stairs?
They do not believe her.

What do you think makes Sally’s father decide to beat her so much? How does he feel?
He is sad, because he broke into his hands.
She does not listen to him.

What can be the reason one person decides to control another person? Give some examples…
Sally’s father is ashmed.

What can happen to the person who gets beaten?
the person can get afraid, run away tell your mother.
You can break your arm.

What can happen to the person who beats?
He can go to jail.

A neighbour knocked on the door and said open the door.
Stop you can’t escape!

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