Romeo and Juliet


Romeo and Juliet
Romeo liked Julia the first time he saw her.
Romeo looked for Juliet in the party . He began to love Juliet at once.

She didn’t tell her parents “I love Rome and I want to marry Romeo”.
Romeo said to Juliet “ I love you so much.When I saw you and I got a feeling but I wanted to get to know you because you are my crown Princess.
In the party there were many people .Romeo didn’t like one person in the party. Come here my darling . I wanted to talk with you.

How do they love each other?
The first time they saw each other in a party .When Juliet saw Romeo Juliet began dance with Romeo. After that they were meeting each other in a hiding place- Juliet’s room . They began to kiss each other but a valet came to her room .By the way, the valet said,” your mother is coming soon but you must say bye to Romeo”.

Romeo said “ we could meet late at night.”. He climbs down from Juliet’s balcony with a rope.

Is it easy for them to love each other?
It was strong love from both people . Two people love each other but people join in two people’s life. Her parents wanted her to marry Paris . Paris is from a rich family . Paris loves Juliet but she doesn’t love Paris .
She doesn’t want to marry Paris.When she hears about Paris then she is upset . Now she thought about Romeo . Juliet’s heart belongs to Romeo.

Who wants to stop their love and why?
She was tiring of her family and people. She said some people was talking about us .
Then one day she decided it she wanted drink poison . But she didn’t die .
The valet was sending news to Romeo because Juliet was dying . Romeo was shocked when he heard about this . So much that he bought poison and he killed himself. After the second minute he took a knife and began to kill himself
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