She dances with bees

Class’ discussion ; Christina writes the response: 

Why does she dance with bees?

She is helping people not to be scared of bees.

She feels closer to nature with the bees on her body.

What does it feel like?

She feels calm and comfortable after some time.

At first, it is uncomfortable , the bees pinch and try to stay in place.

She is stuck in bees. 

What do the people around say?

They were a little scared, but later they felt excited. 

Would you, the class, like to do this? 

No never,I’m scared of bees.

Yes, if someone  can remove the bees when I say so.

No, I don´t want to be half- naked. 

No, I would be scared. I don´t know how she communicates with the bees, but I cannot. 

yes, if I can  have a tranquilizer before. 

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