My Party: The Music Party/ Gustav

The music party

Motto: We think this is very good and that people should learn
more about music and what lyrics are about. Every song of every
music-style must have a music video.

Party Leader: Our party leader is called Notaj Ming and
he has Asian origin.

Taxes: I think that all the money should go to all
apartments, hospitals, schools, restaurants and travels.
Cheaper rent for all the group homes and service and
training apartments.

Party Programme: There should be a music channel
24/7, food tours to different countries and food cultures.
The music channel is all the time when you feel like
watching. When you are at a food tour you can see the
latest in recipes if you feel interested.
There is a page on internet named

EU: They think the flag should have more stars and
more Asian food restaurants, Notaj said. They want to
stay in the EU because they have very good poilitics.
Because they want to have more Asians in the whole
Europe so they can work in more Asian foodtrucks 🙂

Development Aid: There should be delivered food to
different countries, because if the inhabitant are very
very poor so they need free food without costs.
Education: More colleges with music classes and more
Asian literature so everybody can learn more about

Health Care: There should more doctors and dentists
with a shower in every room for all patients because
they must be clean or else the doctors can be sick.

Eldercare: People when they are over 70 need to live in
an old people’s home because they must have some
kind of company and friends. The people can be more
happy when they live there. There is happy music,good
food and sausage grilling. They eat dessert and then
they sleep well.

Immigration: The music party thinks that all people that
come from Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania
should speak Swedish and English or German. They
need to learn Swedish because it’s very important to
understand better Swedish if you live in Sweden. Europe
and Asia must be best friends with each other 4ever
because they are almost neighbors with each other,
Notaj said.