The tale of how the caliph became a stork / Adam Falcon

The tale of how the caliph became a stork

The story is about a caliph who transforms into a stork.
In the market, he saw an old man who is selling a magic box.
After that he went to the palace and opened the box.
Into the box he found a paper roll with a secret message.
After he read the message, he said Mubatoro than he transformed into a stork.
After that he flew, danced with other storks and talked to other animals.
After that he wanted to change back to being human again and nothing happened.
He flew to the palace and talked to people. But it didn’t work.
After that he flew to the river, then he saw an owl. He talked to the owl and they flew to the palace. After that they sneaked and listened in to the man and the caliph´s brother.
After that they flew to the caliph’s palace and he said magic word backwards (Orotabum)
Then he transformed into a human.

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