The tale of how the caliph became a stork/ Sara

Why did the caliph want to try to change from being the caliph of Baghdad to something else?

The caliph wants to understand and talk to the animals.
What did he when he became a stork?

He flew to the sky and into the clouds and the other storks and listened to the animals and talked to the them.

What happened when he wanted to change back from being a stork to being the caliph again?

He said the magic word many times but nothing happened.

What had happened to the owl?
The magician changed the princess to an owl.

How did the caliph manage to change back to being a caliph again?

He flew together with the owl to the magician’s house and heard his brother and the magician.
They spoke about the magic box and the magic word Mubatoro.
The caliph didn’t know the magic word backwards Orotabum.
He said it and changed back to being the caliph again.

What happened to the owl in the end?

The owl married the caliph and changed to being a princess again.

What did the caliph’s grandchildren want him to tell them?

His grandchildren wanted him to tell them the about himself, the stork and their grandmother, the owl.

I wish to change to an animal too and feel the experience and change to being a human
again :-).