ur.se-quick writing- ” The king who was eaten for breakfast” / Sherlock Holmes

Their names were King Vikram and King Karan.
King Karan was bad ,
He was jealous of the nice king which name was Vikram.

King Karan was eaten every morning.
The movie was very interesting and good.
King Karan`s guards catch the swan with a net.
The swan says, My husband is kidnapped,

King Karan looked when King Vikram climbed into the frying pan.
King Karan have a plan.
King Karan has bought tasty spices.
He’s going to the hermit’s hut.

King Vikram stolen the magic hat.
King Karan was angry with the hermit’s hut.
King Karan says, You stolen the magic hat, Who are you,

King Vikram says, Your guards kidnapped the swan,
King Vikram tells King Karan, Where is the swan,
King Karan says, the swan is in the cage.
And from then on, the two kings were the very best friends,

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