ur.se- quick writing- The king who waseaten for breakfast/ Mohamed


What was the difference between the two kings?
I can tell the difference between these kings it is one is nicer and kind
and the second king is meaner and tougher.

What did king karan do every morning?
What king Karan does every morning is that he gives his gold coins to
lots of people.

How did king Karan get his gold?
He went to the Hermit’s hut and put himself in a frying pan. The Hermit was blind and couldn’t see it was a king in the frying pan. Hermit ate up King Karan’s body and lick the bones clean.

What happened to his heart every time this happened?
Every time he went to the hermit’s hut and got eaten his heart got
smaller and smaller and he not feel very well.

What did the swan tell king Vikram?

What he told the king Vikram was:” king Karan caught my friend who is a
swan and put him in a cage.”

What did king Vikram do then?
King Vikram dressed up as a peasant and went to king Karan’s castle.
He was in right time when he threw the gold coins, to the people.King
Vikram was amazed and pensive .

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