ur.se-quick writing- The tale of how the caliph became a stork / Mohamed

Why did the caliph want to try to change from being the caliph of
Baghdad to something else?

The Caliph want always try to talk to animals and see how it is to be one
animal and he became a stork.

What did he do when he became a stork?

He flew out of the castle when he said the magic words mubatoro.He met
many other storks and flew and danced with them.

What happened when he wanted to change back from being a stork to
being the Caliph again?

That what happened is he said mubatoro several times and nothing
happened. He was trying to feel hungry and it got dark, he didn’t want to
eat an insect ant,frogs he said i’m stuck as a stork and can’t turn back
to a Caliph.

What had happened to the owl?

The stork saw an owl and asked what had happened. She said : an evil
magician did it to me. They both turned to an animals they want to know
who did this so they went to the evil magician’s home.

How did the Caliph manage to change back to being a Caliph again?

They listened when the evil magician spoke to the Caliph’s brother and
said :Now your brother has turned to an animal and you can be the next
Caliph to turn back your brother most say the words mubatoro