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There were two kings, one whose name was King Vikram and the other one´s namn was King Karan.
King Vikram was famous for his kindness through his actions.
King Karan was a mean and sadder king.
King Karan got up early every morning and went to a man who was a hermit.
When he was there they had a deal, if King Karan had to be eaten by the hermit king Karan could get a lot of gold coins to give his people.
One day two swans flew over King Karan´s area and shouted out:
King Vikram is the best king in the world!!
King Karan tried to catch both swans in a net but one of the swans got free and flew away, to king Vikram and told him that his best friend was caught in a net by King Karan.
King Vikram planned how he could get back the swan from King Karan and he had an idé.
King Vikram went to King Karan and waited for him, when he came out, King Vikram followed him to the hermit and saw what happened.
King Vikram did the same thing. He saw what the hermit and King Karan did, but he rubbed in his body with spices and went to the hermit.
When he got eaten king Vikram asked if the hermit wanted king Vikram to come again next morning and he wanted that.
Soon Vikram had collected a lot of gold coins that he returned to King Karan and spoke with him.
He asked Karan if he could change Vikram’s gold coins for the swan.
King Karan said to Vikram that he understands why the swans said that he was the best king in the world, that he can change his gold for the swan. This was a good action.
The message in the story is telling us that if you act with kindness towards other people they will show you the same thing.
I think that king Karan was jealous of Vikram for his kindness to his people and king Karan now understands that the people will not be happier because of the gold coins.

People want to experience kindness and care, it is a safe and good society to live in.

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