ur.se-skola- Juliane’s journey fromZimbabwe: Christina is writing the thoughts of the class

Are you always accepted for who you are? 

  • I think you are not always accepted for who you are. Juliane was never accepted at the orphanage.
  • I am a nice and kind person, who is nice to other people, so I am always accepted
  • Yes, this country ( Sweden)always accepted me. I was not accepted as an Afghani in Iran.

Can childhood experiences affect you for a long time?

Yes childhood experiences can affect you your whole life

They can  affect you when you are adult, like if you were bullied as a kid you may remember that and feel terrible and get depressed as an adult

My childhood experiences have affected me negatively because I was bullied in school as an Afghani child in Iran

Can you always put things right again?

No you cannot, because if you destroy a friendship it is over, You´ll be sad and you cannot fix it anymore. Other things you may fix.

I hope you can always put things right again, but I am not sure that you can.

Yes, you can always put things right again.

Can you learn from your experiences? 

Yes, we can learn from our experiences.

Yes I can learn from my experiences

Yes you can learn new things and you can teach other people new things.


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